6 Bands Like Eskimo Callboy

6 Bands Like Eskimo Callboy


Personally for me, discovering ‍new bands that have a similar sound to one ⁤of my favorites is always‍ exciting. If you’re a fan of Eskimo Callboy, known ⁣for ⁢their⁣ unique ⁣blend of metalcore, electronicore, and post-hardcore, you might be eager to explore more bands with⁣ a ‌similar style. In my opinion, the ‌following six bands ‍offer a​ sound that resonates with Eskimo ‌Callboy fans, and ⁢I ⁤hope you find ⁤them enjoyable too. From my‌ research and experience, here are six bands that are worth ⁤checking out:

Intro Paragraph 2: While each band has their own distinct qualities, they share similarities in their energetic performances, heavy breakdowns, and incorporation of⁢ electronic elements.

Band 1: ⁢Motionless In White

About the Band

Motionless ‍In White‍ is an American metalcore band that ‌formed in‌ 2005. They ⁣have gained​ a strong following with their dark and theatrical style, often blending heavy metal instrumentation with occasional industrial and electronic influences. Check out their‍ website here.

Similarity and ‍Noteworthy ⁤Points

Like Eskimo Callboy, ‌Motionless In White’s​ music features a combination of heavy breakdowns, aggressive vocals, and catchy electronic elements. Their lyrics often explore themes of ‍darkness, rebellion, and individuality, which are also prevalent in Eskimo Callboy’s music. Fans of Eskimo⁣ Callboy may appreciate Motionless In White’s intense and ‍atmospheric sound.

Paragraph 2: ‌ Additionally, both bands are known for their captivating live performances, incorporating theatrical elements and engaging their audience with high-energy stage presence.

Band 2: Palisades

About the Band

Palisades is an American post-hardcore band ⁤that formed in 2011. They blend aggressive metalcore and electronic influences with melodic hooks, creating a dynamic and⁢ catchy sound. Explore‍ their music on their website here.

Similarity and ‌Noteworthy ‌Points

Palisades, like Eskimo Callboy, ‌incorporates electronic elements into their aggressive and energetic post-hardcore sound. Both‍ bands share a knack⁣ for crafting infectious hooks that seamlessly blend with⁤ heavy instrumentation.​ Palisades’ lyrics often touch‌ on ​personal struggles and overcoming adversity,​ expressing a similar emotional depth as Eskimo Callboy’s ⁢music.

Paragraph 2: Moreover, Palisades’ versatility shines ‍in their ability to seamlessly transition between melodic passages and heavy breakdowns, creating an⁢ engaging musical experience.

Band 3: The Bunny The Bear

About the Band

The Bunny The Bear is an American experimental post-hardcore band ⁣formed in 2008. They​ are​ known for their unique dynamic that combines contrasting clean and harsh vocals, alongside electronic elements and melodic hooks. ⁢Visit their website here.

Similarity and‌ Noteworthy Points

The Bunny⁢ The⁤ Bear, like ‍Eskimo Callboy, ‍infuses electronic⁤ elements into their post-hardcore sound, creating⁢ a captivating blend of heavy and melodic passages. Both bands experiment with contrasting vocal styles, incorporating clean​ and harsh vocals to‍ enhance the depth and impact of ‌their songs. The Bunny The Bear’s theatrical approach‌ to their music, along with their incorporation of ‍animal personas, ​adds an intriguing layer to their performances, much like⁤ Eskimo Callboy’s visually engaging shows.

Paragraph 2: Additionally, both bands deliver emotional lyrics that ‍touch on personal struggles, inner demons, and finding strength in the face of adversity.

Band ⁢4: I ⁢See Stars

About the Band

I See Stars is ⁤an American electronicore ⁤band that formed‌ in 2006. They are known for their energetic and electronic-infused blend of post-hardcore and metalcore. ‌Check out⁤ their website here.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

I See Stars share similarities with Eskimo‍ Callboy in their use of electronic elements ⁣to enhance their post-hardcore sound. Both bands incorporate catchy melodies ‌and infectious hooks into their heavy instrumentation. I‍ See ‍Stars’ lyrics often touch on‍ themes of love, relationships, ​and self-discovery, resonating with Eskimo Callboy’s introspective and emotional approach to their​ music.

Paragraph 2: Furthermore, I See⁢ Stars’ willingness to experiment‌ with different genres, such as EDM and dubstep, adds a unique twist to their sound, much like⁣ Eskimo Callboy’s incorporation of various electronic styles.

Band 5: Crossfaith

About the Band

Crossfaith is a ‍Japanese ⁣electronicore ‌band that formed in 2006. They are known for ⁣their high-energy performances and fusion of​ metalcore and electronic music. Visit their website here.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Similar to Eskimo Callboy, Crossfaith‍ combines ⁣heavy guitar⁤ riffs, intense breakdowns, and electronic elements ⁣to create a powerful ⁤and energetic sound. Both bands exhibit a ⁤talent for seamlessly blending electronic and metalcore elements, resulting in a unique and captivating listening experience. Crossfaith’s use of electronic samples and synthesizers, coupled with their intense live performances, makes them a band that is⁢ sure⁣ to appeal to fans of Eskimo Callboy.

Paragraph 2: Additionally, both bands incorporate catchy and ⁣anthemic choruses, inviting their listeners to join in ‍and sing along during their shows.

Band 6: Amaranthe

About the⁤ Band

Amaranthe is a Swedish metal band that formed in 2008. They are known for their unique fusion ​of⁣ melodic death metal, metalcore,⁣ and pop influences, creating a catchy and energetic sound. Explore their music on their website here.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

While Amaranthe incorporates more pop ⁣elements into their music compared⁤ to Eskimo Callboy, both bands excel in creating a captivating blend of heavy and melodic ​passages. Amaranthe’s use​ of female‍ clean vocals,​ harsh male vocals, ⁢and occasional​ rap verses adds an extra ​layer⁤ of⁢ diversity to their ‍sound. Fans‌ of ⁢Eskimo Callboy may‍ appreciate Amaranthe’s ability to ​seamlessly combine⁢ genres and create infectious and uplifting metal tracks.

Paragraph 2: Additionally, Amaranthe’s commitment to delivering high-energy performances and memorable ‍hooks makes⁤ them a band worth exploring for fans of Eskimo Callboy.


From my research and experience, I believe these six bands: Motionless In White, Palisades, The Bunny The Bear, I ⁣See ⁣Stars, Crossfaith, and Amaranthe, offer music that resonates with ‍Eskimo Callboy ⁢fans. Each band brings their own unique qualities to the ‌table, while still sharing similarities in their energetic ⁤performances, heavy breakdowns, and incorporation of electronic elements. Personally for​ me, discovering new bands that share similarities with my ‍favorites is always a delightful journey, and I hope you ‍find these​ bands enjoyable too.

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