6 Bands Like Electric Callboy

6 Bands Like Electric Callboy


Personally for me, Electric Callboy is a⁤ unique and energetic band that has a distinct blend​ of metalcore, electronic, and industrial sounds. If you’re a fan of their music ‌and looking to explore similar bands, I’ve compiled a list of 6 bands that you ​might enjoy. These bands share similar elements and have their own⁤ unique styles that are worth checking out. From my ⁤research, I can‍ assure you‌ that these bands will provide you with a thrilling and entertaining musical experience.‍ So, let’s dive in and discover⁣ some great bands like Electric Callboy.

Intro Paragraph ⁣2: ‌Before we⁢ get started, I want to ‌mention that⁣ the music ​preferences and ‍tastes may vary from person ​to person. These recommendations are based‍ on my personal ⁢experience⁤ and⁣ research, and I hope you ⁢find them helpful in ‍discovering new music that resonates with you.

Band 1: Eskimo Callboy

About the Band

Eskimo Callboy is a German metalcore band known for their ​catchy songs and ⁣energetic live performances. They incorporate electronic elements into their music, creating a perfect blend of metal ⁤and electronica.​ Their lyrics often touch upon themes of partying, relationships, ⁣and personal‌ struggles.

Similarity and ⁢Noteworthy Points

Eskimo Callboy shares ⁢many ​similarities with Electric Callboy, not just in their name but also in their fusion of metal and electronic sounds. Both bands are known for their high energy and catchy hooks. If you enjoy Electric ⁤Callboy’s energetic and melodic music, Eskimo Callboy will likely be right up your alley.

Paragraph‌ 2: One unique aspect of⁢ Eskimo Callboy ‍is ‍their blend ⁤of heavy breakdowns with‌ electronic beats, creating an infectious and ⁣addictive sound. Their ⁣music has a certain party vibe to ⁤it that is both fun ⁤and engaging. Check out their website here.

Band ⁤2: Crossfaith

About the Band

Crossfaith is a Japanese metalcore band known for their unique ‍combination of heavy metal, electronic elements,‍ and even elements of dubstep and drum and bass. With their aggressive sound and ‍intense live performances, Crossfaith ⁢has gained ⁣a strong ‍following worldwide.

Similarity and Noteworthy ⁢Points

Similar​ to Electric ⁣Callboy, Crossfaith incorporates electronic elements into their music, resulting in an intense and adrenaline-pumping sound. Both bands share a high level of energy and⁢ a willingness to experiment with different genres. If you enjoy Electric Callboy’s fusion of metalcore and electronic ‌music,​ Crossfaith is definitely worth checking out.

Paragraph ⁤2: Crossfaith’s unique blend of intense metal and electronic sounds creates a futuristic and energetic atmosphere. Their music seamlessly transitions between‍ heavy breakdowns and infectious electronic⁣ hooks, leaving you ‌wanting ‌more. Visit their website here.

Band 3: I See⁢ Stars

About‌ the Band

I See Stars‌ is an American electronicore ‌band ⁣known for​ their​ blend of post-hardcore, electronic, and pop elements. Their music often features clean and harsh vocals, catchy melodies, and a mix ⁤of heavy and electronic instrumentation. ‍They have a knack for creating​ songs that are both melodic‍ and heavy-hitting.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

I See Stars shares similarities⁤ with Electric‌ Callboy in their incorporation of electronic elements​ into their music.⁤ Both bands excel at ‌blending heavy music with catchy ⁤melodies and hooks. If you enjoy Electric Callboy’s balance between aggression and melodic sensibility, I See Stars will definitely appeal to you.

Paragraph ⁤2: I See Stars’ music seamlessly combines⁣ electronic elements, heavy breakdowns, and melodic hooks, ‌creating an infectious⁤ and engaging sound. Their ability to craft songs that are both heavy and catchy is sure to grab your attention. Explore their website here.

Band 4:‌ Capture

About the Band

Capture is an American metalcore ⁣band known for their aggressive sound, intense breakdowns,⁢ and soaring clean vocals. ⁣They infuse electronic elements ⁣into their music, enhancing their ⁤heavy sound with catchy synth lines and atmospheric ​effects. Their lyrics often touch upon personal struggles, relationships, and emotional experiences.

Similarity ​and Noteworthy ⁤Points

Capture shares‌ similarities with ⁣Electric Callboy ⁢in their⁤ incorporation of electronic elements into their heavy sound. Both bands are⁢ known for their energetic⁢ and aggressive style, coupled with memorable melodies. If you’re​ a fan of Electric Callboy’s ⁣dynamic and heavy music, Capture is definitely worth a‌ listen.

Paragraph 2: Capture’s music combines heavy breakdowns, intense ⁣riffing, and electronic elements to create a hard-hitting and emotionally charged sound. Their ​ability to balance heaviness⁤ with melodic hooks is a testament to their songwriting skills. Discover ‍more about them ‍ here.

Band 5: Palisades

About the Band

Palisades is⁤ an American post-hardcore band known for their blend of heavy guitars, electronic elements, and⁤ infectious melodies. Their music often incorporates rap verses alongside clean and aggressive vocals, creating a unique and compelling sound. They explore themes​ of​ personal struggles, self-discovery, and emotional growth in their lyrics.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Palisades ⁢shares similarities with Electric Callboy in their fusion ⁣of heavy music ‌with electronic elements. Both bands are known for their catchy and melodic sensibilities, while still maintaining⁤ a heavy and intense sound. If you enjoy Electric Callboy’s mix of aggression and catchy melodies, ⁢Palisades is ⁣a band worth checking out.

Paragraph 2: Palisades’ music seamlessly combines electronic elements, heavy guitars, and infectious melodies, resulting in an⁢ album that is both ⁢aggressive and engaging. Their ability to craft ⁤songs with catchy⁤ hooks and intense energy is sure⁣ to captivate you. Visit their website ‍ here.

Band⁣ 6: The Browning

About ‍the Band

The Browning is⁣ an American electronicore band known for their heavy sound, aggressive vocals, and electronic elements. Combining elements of ⁤metalcore, ⁤electronic music, and even ‍elements of EDM, The Browning pushes the boundaries ‍of genre blending. ⁣Their lyrics often touch upon themes‌ of personal struggles, perseverance,​ and resilience.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Similar to Electric‍ Callboy, ⁤The Browning incorporates electronic elements ⁣into their music, resulting in a unique fusion of genres. Both bands have an‍ aggressive and‌ energetic sound that combines heavy guitars with electronic beats. If you enjoy Electric Callboy’s mix of heaviness and electronic elements, The Browning should ‌be on your radar.

Paragraph 2: The Browning’s music seamlessly‌ merges metalcore elements with electronic sounds, creating an intense and adrenaline-fueled sound. Their ability to combine heavy breakdowns with infectious electronic hooks is truly impressive.⁤ Explore their website here.


In my opinion, these 6 bands provide a great starting point for exploring music similar to Electric Callboy. Each band brings their own unique style and sound, while still ‌sharing similarities ​with Electric Callboy’s energetic ‍fusion of metal and electronic elements. Whether you’re a fan of the intense⁣ breakdowns, catchy hooks, or melodic sensibilities ‌found in Electric Callboy’s music, these bands are sure to offer you an exciting and enjoyable musical journey. From⁣ my⁤ experience, expanding your musical horizons and discovering new bands can be an incredibly rewarding experience. So, why not ‍give these bands a chance and see‌ where the music takes you?

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