6 Bands Like Dillinger Escape Plan

6 Bands Like Dillinger Escape Plan


As a ​fan of⁢ Dillinger Escape‌ Plan, I personally find their unique blend ⁢of​ mathcore and experimental music ⁣exhilarating.⁤ If you’re looking ⁤for more ‍bands that share a similar intensity and boundary-pushing approach,⁤ you’re in luck! In this article, I ​will introduce you to six bands that, in my opinion, capture the energy and innovation⁤ of Dillinger Escape Plan while offering their own⁢ distinctive styles.

Intro Paragraph 2: Each‍ of these bands has carved out their own niche in the ⁣alternative‌ music scene, demonstrating their passion and talent. So,​ let’s dive ⁢in and explore these six bands that you​ should definitely check out if you’re a fan of Dillinger ⁢Escape Plan!

Band 1: The​ Chariot

About the Band

The Chariot was an American metalcore band known for their chaotic and aggressive sound. Formed in 2003, the ⁢band released several⁣ influential​ albums before ‍disbanding in 2013. (Website: The Chariot ⁣Bandcamp)

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The Chariot shares⁤ a similar⁣ intensity to Dillinger Escape Plan, incorporating complex‌ time signatures, dissonant guitar riffs, and brutal ⁢vocals. Their live performances were notorious for their ‌chaotic ​and unpredictable nature, much like Dillinger‍ Escape Plan’s shows.

Paragraph 2: The Chariot’s music often blended elements of hardcore punk, metalcore, and even occasional noise rock. Their ⁤willingness to experiment and ⁤push boundaries made them a staple in the alternative music scene during their active years.

Band 2: Converge

About the Band

Converge is a ‍metalcore band from Salem, Massachusetts, formed in 1990. They⁤ are known for their raw, aggressive sound and progressive song structures. (Website: Converge Official Website)

Similarity⁣ and Noteworthy Points

Converge’s⁤ music showcases their ‌technical prowess and emotional intensity, reminiscent of Dillinger Escape Plan. They incorporate intricate guitar work, intense drumming, and passionate vocals that ⁣seamlessly blend chaos and beauty.

Paragraph 2: Like Dillinger Escape Plan, ⁤Converge pushes the boundaries of what metalcore can be, infusing elements of hardcore punk, post-hardcore, ⁣and even elements of noise and ‍experimental music. Their discography is filled with critically acclaimed albums that have solidified their place as one​ of the most influential bands in their genre.

Band 3: Botch

About the Band

Botch‍ was a mathcore​ band from Tacoma, Washington, ‍active from 1993 to ‌2002. They were known for their complex and ‍dissonant style, incorporating elements of metal and hardcore punk. (No official website available)

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Botch’s music ​shares a chaotic and unpredictable nature with Dillinger Escape Plan. Their songs feature intricate guitar patterns, ⁤frenetic drumming, and aggressive vocals‍ that create an intense and abrasive sonic experience.

Paragraph ​2: While Botch’s discography may be relatively‍ limited compared to other bands on this list, their impact on the mathcore genre⁣ cannot be overstated. Their innovative approach to blending technicality and ⁤raw aggression paved the way for many bands to come.

Band 4: Norma Jean

About‌ the ⁣Band

Norma Jean is a metalcore ‌band from Douglasville, Georgia, formed in ‍1997. They ⁣are‌ known‍ for their chaotic and heavy sound, often incorporating elements of mathcore and progressive metal. (Website: Norma Jean Official ⁤Website)

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Norma Jean’s music captures the‍ aggressive and experimental⁤ spirit ​of ⁣Dillinger Escape Plan. They combine intricate guitar work, pounding rhythms, and powerful vocals to ‌create a ‍dynamic and intense sound.

Paragraph 2: Norma Jean’s discography ​showcases ⁢their ⁣evolution and willingness to explore different musical territories while maintaining their heavy and uncompromising style.​ Their⁢ live performances are known for their energy and ⁣passion, much like Dillinger Escape Plan’s unforgettable shows.

Band 5: SikTh

About the Band

SikTh ‍is a progressive metal band hailing from Watford, England, formed in 1999. They are known for pioneering the “djent” sound and incorporating ⁤complex song structures and unusual time signatures. (Website:‍ SikTh Official Website)

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

SikTh’s music‌ shares the technical complexity and innovative approach of‌ Dillinger Escape Plan. They blend heavy, aggressive riffs with melodic passages, intricate vocal harmonies, and ⁤unconventional song structures.

Paragraph 2: ‍SikTh’s ability to seamlessly combine ⁢heaviness with melody and their knack for creating immersive atmospheres set ​them apart. They have ​influenced ⁤countless bands with their unique sound ‍and remain an ⁢essential listen ⁢for fans‍ of progressive and experimental metal.

Band 6: Car Bomb

About the Band

Car Bomb is a ⁤mathcore band ⁢from Long Island, New York, ‍formed in 2000. They are known for their complex and dissonant style, incorporating elements of tech metal ​and avant-garde music. (Website: Car Bomb‌ Official Website)

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Car‌ Bomb’s music showcases their technical prowess ‍and relentless aggression, resembling⁣ the intensity of Dillinger Escape Plan. They incorporate complex polyrhythms, unconventional⁤ song structures, and a wide range of⁢ sonic experimentation.

Paragraph 2: Car Bomb’s eclectic approach to songwriting and their dedication⁢ to‌ pushing boundaries has earned them​ a reputation as one of the most innovative bands in the mathcore and ​tech metal scenes. ⁣Their ‌discography is a testament to their fearless⁣ exploration of​ uncharted musical territories.


In my opinion, these six bands​ capture the spirit ⁤of Dillinger Escape Plan with⁢ their intense performances, genre-blending music, and willingness to experiment. Each‍ band brings their own​ unique flavor to the table, expanding the ⁢boundaries of alternative music. So, whether you’re a ‌die-hard fan of​ Dillinger Escape Plan or just looking⁢ for something new,⁣ I highly recommend checking out these bands and experiencing the exhilaration they provide personally for me.

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