6 Bands Like Darkthrone

6 Bands Like Darkthrone


Darkthrone is a renowned black metal band known for ⁣their raw and aggressive sound. If you’re a fan of ‌their music and looking‍ for⁢ similar bands to expand your playlist,⁣ you’re in‍ luck! In this article,‍ I will personally recommend six bands that share‌ similarities ‌with Darkthrone and⁣ provide informative insights into their music. From my research, these bands have captured the⁢ essence of black metal in their own unique ways, making them worth ​checking out. So, without further ado, let’s⁣ dive into the world of black metal and explore these six bands!

Intro Paragraph 2: Before we begin, I want‌ to⁤ note that while ‍these bands‌ may ‌have certain similarities to Darkthrone, they also have ​their own distinct styles and identities. This diversity ⁢is what makes the black metal genre so fascinating. So, keep an⁤ open ‍mind and ⁣embrace the nuances that ⁣each band brings to ​the⁤ table.

Band 1: ⁣Mayhem

About the Band

Mayhem‌ is a Norwegian black metal ⁣band that formed in ⁤1984. They⁤ are considered ⁣pioneers ⁣of the genre and have ⁢been highly influential in shaping the⁤ black metal scene. Known for their dark and aggressive music, Mayhem’s discography includes iconic​ albums like “De Mysteriis Dom‍ Sathanas” and “Chimera.” For ‍more information, visit their official website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

What sets Mayhem apart is their​ intense and atmospheric sound, often characterized by ‍chaotic and ‍sinister guitar riffs ⁢accompanied by⁢ raw vocals. Like Darkthrone, they embrace a raw and primal approach to black metal. Mayhem’s early works, such as “Deathcrush”⁢ and “Pure Fucking Armageddon,” captured the ​raw essence that Darkthrone fans will appreciate.

Paragraph 2: Mayhem’s stage presence and controversial history have also contributed ‍to their status as one of the most infamous⁢ bands in​ black metal. Their‍ dark⁢ and mysterious aura, often linked with notorious events like the church⁢ burnings, adds an extra layer ​of intrigue to their music.

Band ‌2: Emperor

About the Band

Emperor is a⁤ Norwegian black metal band that formed in 1991. They are ⁣widely regarded as one of ​the most influential bands in‍ the genre. The band’s lineup has featured notable musicians⁣ such ‌as Ihsahn and Samoth.‍ Emperor’s discography includes‌ standout albums ‍like “In⁣ the Nightside Eclipse” and‌ “Anthems to⁣ the Welkin at Dusk.” For more information, visit their official ⁢Facebook page.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Emperor’s music is⁢ known for its epic and symphonic elements within the black​ metal framework. They blend aggressive guitars‌ and ‍blast beats with grandiose orchestrations, ​creating a majestic and atmospheric sound. Their ability to​ seamlessly blend raw ‌aggression with ‍melodic beauty is reminiscent of ‌Darkthrone’s versatility.

Paragraph 2: Emperor’s impact ​on the black metal ‍genre cannot be overstated. Their influential works have inspired countless bands to experiment with​ different sonic ​landscapes while‍ staying true to the core elements ⁣of black metal. If you enjoy ‌Darkthrone’s music ⁣but ⁣want a touch of symphonic grandeur, Emperor is the band for you.

Band 3: Immortal

About the Band

Immortal is a Norwegian black metal band ‍that formed in‌ 1991. Led by the iconic frontman ​Abbath, they have created ‍a unique blend of black ‌metal with elements of thrash and death metal. Immortal’s ‌discography includes standout albums such as “Battles in the North” and ⁤”Sons of Northern Darkness.” For more information, visit their official ⁣website.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Immortal’s music is characterized ⁣by⁢ fast-paced tremolo-picked guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and Abbath’s distinctive croaking vocals. They incorporate elements of Norse mythology and winter‍ landscapes into their⁤ lyrical themes, creating ‍a frozen ‍and immersive ⁤sonic atmosphere. ⁣This ​icy and aggressive⁢ approach to black metal aligns with Darkthrone’s raw ⁢sound.

Paragraph 2: Immortal’s stage presence, with their corpse paint ​and ​warrior-like ⁢outfits, ‍adds a visual dimension to ​their music. Their dedication to creating ⁢an immersive experience, both sonically and visually, has made⁢ them a beloved‍ band among black metal enthusiasts.

Band ⁤4: Satyricon

About the Band

Satyricon is a Norwegian black metal band formed in 1991. They‍ have achieved considerable success blending black ⁤metal with elements of ​traditional‌ heavy ⁢metal ‍and ⁤rock. Satyricon’s discography includes acclaimed albums like⁢ “Nemesis Divina” and “Volcano.” For more information,​ visit their official ‍website.

Similarity and‍ Noteworthy Points

Satyricon’s music delves into the dark and sinister aspects of ⁤black metal while infusing it with ⁤catchy and memorable hooks. Their sound is characterized by a balance⁣ between aggression​ and melody, ⁢creating a unique blend of black ‍metal that Darkthrone fans will appreciate. Additionally, ‌Satyricon has‌ experimented with different⁣ styles, showcasing their ⁣versatility and willingness to push ⁣boundaries.

Paragraph 2: Satyricon’s frontman, Satyr, is⁢ known for⁣ his distinctive vocals and ⁢charismatic stage presence. His ability to captivate the audience with his commanding performance adds an extra layer of intensity to their⁢ live shows. If you crave a blend of aggression, ⁣melody, and a touch of rock-inspired⁤ influences, ​Satyricon should be on your radar.

Band 5: Gorgoroth

About the Band

Gorgoroth is ⁤a Norwegian black metal band formed in 1992. They⁢ are known for their uncompromising and dark approach to black metal. Gorgoroth’s​ discography includes notable albums like “Antichrist” ‌and “Under the Sign of Hell.” For more ‍information, visit their Bandcamp page.

Similarity and Noteworthy​ Points

Gorgoroth’s music is characterized by relentless aggression, scorching guitar riffs, and piercing shrieks. Their uncompromising and dark atmosphere aligns with Darkthrone’s ⁤raw sound and uncompromising approach to creating black metal. Lyrically, Gorgoroth delves into themes like Satanism and darkness, further intensifying their sinister aura.

Paragraph 2: Gorgoroth’s stage ​performances are known ‍for their theatricality and​ visual impact. The band’s use of pyrotechnics, costumes, and blasphemous imagery creates ​an immersive experience that complements their music. If you are drawn to the more​ extreme and uncompromising ⁤facets of black metal, Gorgoroth is a band you need‌ to explore.

Band 6: Watain

About the Band

Watain is a Swedish black ​metal band formed in 1998. They⁣ are known for their intense and ⁤occult-themed music that draws influences ​from both classic black metal and traditional heavy metal. ⁤Watain’s discography includes acclaimed albums like “Lawless Darkness” and “Sworn to the Dark.” For more ‍information, visit their official website.

Similarity and⁣ Noteworthy Points

Watain’s music combines elements ⁤of traditional black metal with a touch of melodic darkness. Their songs often feature intricate guitar work, incendiary drumming,⁤ and emotionally charged ⁢vocals. Watain’s dedication to creating atmospheric and captivating music aligns‌ with⁤ Darkthrone’s ⁤immersive approach.

Paragraph 2: ⁤ Watain’s live ​performances are known for their intense ⁤energy and commitment to creating a dark and ritualistic atmosphere. Their use of stage props, such as animal carcasses and candles, contributes to the ⁤occult aesthetics‌ they aim to convey. If you‍ enjoy Blackthrone but crave a touch of melodic darkness, Watain is ⁣a band worth exploring.


In my opinion, these ‌six bands -‌ Mayhem, Emperor, Immortal, Satyricon, Gorgoroth, and Watain – capture different aspects of the black metal genre while sharing some similarities with Darkthrone. Each‍ band brings their own unique ‌approach, sound, and aesthetic to the table, making them⁤ worth​ exploring for black metal enthusiasts. From my research and experience, these​ bands have successfully carved⁢ their own paths within the genre and have left a​ lasting impact. So, if Darkthrone’s music resonates with you, I highly Recommend giving these ⁣bands a listen to further expand your black metal playlist. Keep an open ⁢mind and‌ embrace the‌ nuances that‌ each band brings to the ⁤table. Happy exploring!

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