6 Bands like Crystal Castles

6 Bands like Crystal Castles


When it comes to blending electronic music with haunting vocals, Crystal Castles has certainly made ⁤a name for themselves. As a fan of their unique sound, I’ve spent ​some time exploring similar bands that offer a‌ comparable experience. In⁢ this ‌article, I⁣ will personally share six bands that capture the essence of Crystal Castles ⁣while also bringing their own distinct ​flavor to the table.

Intro Paragraph⁤ 2: Just a quick note before we ⁢dive in, the bands mentioned below may‍ vary in⁤ terms of style and genre, but they all share a common thread ⁤of​ electronic experimentation and a penchant for pushing boundaries in ⁣the music industry.

Band 1: HEALTH

About the Band

HEALTH is an experimental rock band from Los Angeles, California. They are known for their blaring synths, distorted guitars, ⁣and intense live performances. Their music often balances between abrasive ⁤noise⁤ and catchy melodies.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

If you enjoy the darker and more aggressive side of Crystal Castles, HEALTH will likely satisfy your⁣ cravings. Their fusion of electronic and rock ‍elements, along with the raw intensity of their sound, makes them a perfect counterpart to Crystal Castles. Check out their​ official website here.

Paragraph⁣ 2: HEALTH’s collaborations with Crystal Castles’ Alice Glass,⁢ such as their track “Crimewave,” further solidify their connection to the Crystal Castles‌ sound. Their music explores similar⁢ themes of chaos and vulnerability, ​creating ‌an intricate sonic landscape that hooks listeners⁢ from the first note.

Band 2: Purity Ring

About the Band

Purity Ring ⁣is an electronic-pop duo from Canada, consisting of Megan James and ‍Corin Roddick. Their music​ features dreamy vocals, intricate ‌synth-driven instrumentation, and lyrics that often ⁢explore themes‍ of love, loss, and introspection.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

If you appreciate Crystal Castles’ ethereal and atmospheric soundscapes, Purity Ring is a band that deserves your attention. Their use of haunting vocals layered over intricate electronic beats creates a captivating and‍ emotionally charged listening experience. Visit their official website here.

Paragraph​ 2: Purity Ring’s ability to create‌ an otherworldly atmosphere through their music mirrors Crystal Castles’ talent for⁢ transporting‌ listeners into a hauntingly beautiful sonic realm. Both bands possess a distinctive style that leaves an indelible mark on anyone who delves ⁤into their ⁤discography.

Band 3: The Knife

About the Band

The Knife is a ‍Swedish electronic music duo formed ‍by siblings Karin Dreijer and‌ Olof Dreijer. Their music spans various genres, incorporating elements of electronic, pop, and experimental music. The Knife is known for their thought-provoking lyrics and layered production.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

If you’re drawn to Crystal Castles’ genre-defying approach to music, The Knife will undoubtedly pique ⁢your interest. With their innovative⁣ soundscapes,⁢ exploration of societal themes, and compelling stage performances, The Knife shares⁢ an⁣ adventurous ‌spirit with Crystal Castles. Explore more ​on their‍ official website here.

Paragraph 2: The Knife’s ability to combine thought-provoking lyrics with eclectic production‌ techniques aligns with Crystal Castles’ creative vision. Both bands are unafraid to challenge traditional musical norms⁤ and tackle complex subjects in their artistry.

Band 4: TR/ST

About the Band

TR/ST (pronounced “Trust”) is a Canadian electronic music project led⁢ by Robert ⁣Alfons. Their ​music features a blend of dark synth-pop, introspective lyrics, and mesmerizing melodies.⁤ TR/ST’s sound often explores⁤ themes of sexuality, desire, and human vulnerability.

Similarity and ⁢Noteworthy Points

If you’re drawn to Crystal Castles’ haunting and introspective lyrics, TR/ST may be the perfect musical ‍discovery for ​you. Their brooding synth-pop soundscapes, combined with Alfons’ captivating vocals, create⁣ an emotional‍ depth reminiscent of Crystal Castles. Experience more on their official website here.

Paragraph 2: ​Just like Crystal ‌Castles, TR/ST has⁣ the ability to transport listeners to a somber⁣ and introspective world through their⁢ music. Their exploration‌ of human emotions and desires resonates deeply with those who appreciate ‍the raw and vulnerable aspects of Crystal Castles’ sound.

Band 5:⁣ Austra

About the Band

Austra is a ‍Canadian electronic music band fronted by vocalist and songwriter⁢ Katie Stelmanis. Their music features powerful ⁣vocals, layered synths, and intricate melodies. Austra’s sound often combines elements of ‌synth-pop, darkwave, and gothic aesthetics.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

If you’re enchanted by Alice Glass’ haunting vocals in Crystal Castles, Austra’s music may capture that same essence for you. Katie Stelmanis’ ethereal voice, combined with the band’s atmospheric production, creates an entrancing and emotionally charged experience. For more, visit​ their official website here.

Paragraph 2: Austra’s ⁢ability to blend⁢ haunting melodies with introspective ‌lyrics mirrors Crystal⁢ Castles’ captivating soundscapes. Their music shares a common dedication to ‍exploring deep⁢ emotions and creating a ⁢sense of catharsis for​ listeners.

Band 6: Holy Other

About the Band

Holy Other is⁤ an electronic producer and musician known for his unique blend of ambient, R&B, and experimental music. The identity of ​Holy Other remains mysterious, allowing the focus to be on the music itself. His sound often⁤ elicits a sense⁢ of introspection and emotional depth.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

If you’re looking for music that envelops you with atmospheric textures and takes you on a journey of self-reflection, Holy Other is an artist worth exploring. His ability to create intricate‌ electronic soundscapes that evoke a sense of vulnerability and introspection aligns with the essence of Crystal Castles. Discover more ‌ here.

Paragraph 2: Holy Other’s music ⁢possesses‌ a similar atmospheric ⁢quality to Crystal Castles, immersing listeners in a sonic ⁤experience that touches on the depths of emotion. Both artists excel in creating an intimate connection through their music, ‍allowing listeners to delve into their own introspection.


From⁢ my research and personal experience, these six bands – HEALTH, Purity Ring, The Knife, TR/ST, Austra, and Holy Other – offer captivating and distinctive sounds that resonate ‍with Crystal Castles fans. Whether it’s the raw intensity, the ethereal⁣ atmospheres, or the exploration of⁤ deep emotions, these⁢ bands ⁣bring their own unique blend of electronic music that’s sure to capture your interest. ​So,​ give them a listen and discover new sonic landscapes that expand upon the Crystal Castles experience.​ Enjoy the journey!

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