6 Bands like Crumb

6 Bands like Crumb


Personally, for⁤ me, one of the bands that I absolutely love is Crumb. Their unique blend of jazzy undertones, dreamy melodies, and captivating vocals create​ a truly mesmerizing sound. If you’re a fan of Crumb and are looking for similar bands to add to your playlist, look no further. In my opinion, ​the following six bands share ‌some ⁤similarities with Crumb while still maintaining their own‌ distinct styles. From my research and experience, I‍ believe you’ll enjoy discovering these talented artists.

Intro⁤ Paragraph 2: So, without further⁢ ado, let’s⁢ explore six bands that are worth checking out if you’re a fan of Crumb:

Band 1: The Marias

About the Band

The Marias⁤ are an indie pop band from Los Angeles, ⁣California.⁤ Led by the enchanting vocals of Maria Zardoya, their music fuses together elements of dream pop, ⁤R&B,‍ and Latin influences. Their smooth‍ and alluring sound creates a similar dream-like atmosphere that ‍Crumb ‌fans ‍will appreciate.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Just like Crumb, The ⁣Marias deliver⁤ a captivating blend⁤ of ⁤jazzy instrumentals⁤ and ‍ethereal vocals. Their songs often feature groovy⁣ basslines and intricate guitar work, which adds depth‍ to⁣ their dreamy sound. If you’re a fan of Crumb’s laid-back and hypnotizing style, The Marias​ should⁢ be on your radar.

Paragraph 2: Soothing ​and sultry, ⁢The Marias will‌ transport you into a world of their own with ‌their ⁣mesmerizing melodies. ⁣Their debut album “Cinema” is a must-listen for ⁤any ⁤Crumb fan.

Band⁣ 2: Still Woozy

About⁣ the ⁢Band

Still⁤ Woozy, the project of ⁣Oakland-based⁣ artist Sven Gamsky, offers a unique blend of indie pop, funk, and electronic elements. Known ​for‍ his catchy hooks‌ and infectious beats, ‌Still Woozy creates⁣ a sound that is both uplifting and groovy.

Similarity and ‍Noteworthy Points

Like Crumb,‍ Still Woozy incorporates elements of ⁤jazz into his music, infusing it with a playful⁤ and ⁤dynamic⁢ energy. With⁤ his ​soulful vocals and imaginative arrangements, Still Woozy captures a similar ‍dreamy vibe that Crumb fans will surely appreciate. If ‌you’re looking for music that blends genres seamlessly, be sure to​ check‌ out Still Woozy.

Paragraph 2: From his popular tracks ‌like “Goodie Bag”‍ to his more recent releases, Still Woozy’s unique soundscape will transport you to a world of whimsical exploration.

Band 3: Mild High Club

About the Band

Mild High Club, the ​brainchild ⁢of ⁣Alexander Brettin, is ⁤an indie rock project known ​for its lo-fi sound and‌ psychedelic influences. With dreamy guitar riffs and hazy melodies, their⁢ music creates⁤ a nostalgic and comforting atmosphere.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Mild High Club shares a similar dreamy and mellow vibe‌ with Crumb. Their music​ often features soft vocals, lush instrumentals, ⁢and intricate production. Fans of Crumb’s unique ‌blend of jazz and indie pop will find⁢ solace in the soothing sounds of Mild High Club.

Paragraph 2: Tracks like “Windowpane” and “Homage” showcase Mild High Club’s ability to create a serene ⁢sonic landscape that will transport you to a ⁤blissful state of mind.

Band⁢ 4: ‌Inner Wave

About‍ the Band

Inner Wave,⁢ a California-based band, ‌effortlessly blends genres like indie rock, funk, and‌ R&B.‍ Their ‌eclectic sound is characterized by groovy ​basslines, infectious rhythms, and introspective ‌lyrics.

Similarity and Noteworthy⁤ Points

Inner Wave, much like Crumb, incorporates jazzy​ elements ​into their music, ​creating a‍ genre-defying experience. Their songs often feature captivating melodies, ⁤intricate guitar work, and smooth vocals. If you enjoy Crumb’s ability to seamlessly⁢ blend various genres, Inner Wave is ‌definitely worth⁤ checking out.

Paragraph ⁢2: From ⁢their‌ energetic tracks like “Bower” to their introspective ballads‌ like “Rose”, ‍Inner Wave’s versatility and musicality shine through in their discography.

Band 5: Vansire

About the ‍Band

Vansire, a ‍duo ‌comprised ‍of Josh Augustin and Sam Winemiller, creates dreamy⁣ indie pop that captures a sense of⁢ nostalgia. Their music is characterized by hazy guitars, introspective lyrics, and mellow harmonies.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Vansire shares a similar dreamy and introspective quality with Crumb. ‍Their music often‌ features intricate guitar arrangements and soothing vocals, transporting listeners to a world of ​introspection. If you appreciate Crumb’s ability ‌to evoke ‌emotion through their music, Vansire is ⁢a‍ band‌ you should add to your ‌playlist.

Paragraph 2: Tracks like⁤ “Nice to See You” and “Halcyon Age” showcase Vansire’s ability ‍to create a sonic atmosphere that ⁣is both soothing and immersive.

Band 6:⁢ SALES

About the Band

SALES, the collaboration of Lauren Morgan⁣ and Jordan Shih, creates indie pop music that is both laid-back⁣ and captivating.⁢ Their minimalistic approach to songwriting allows their soothing melodies ⁤and​ honest lyrics​ to take center stage.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Just like Crumb, SALES delivers a unique⁢ blend of indie pop, jazz, and ⁢lo-fi elements. Their music often features soft⁣ and ⁢delicate vocals, accompanied by gentle guitar‍ riffs⁣ and subtle percussion. Fans of Crumb’s ⁤relaxed ⁣and dreamy sound will find solace⁢ in SALES’ discography.

Paragraph⁤ 2: Tracks like ⁤”Chinese New​ Year” and “Renee” showcase SALES’⁤ ability ​to create captivating music‍ that ‍embraces simplicity and emotional depth.


In my ⁣opinion, discovering bands that share similarities⁣ with your favorite artists ‍is an exciting journey. From​ my research and experience,‍ bands like The Marias, Still Woozy, Mild High Club, Inner Wave, Vansire, and SALES offer ‍captivating music that will satiate‌ your craving for Crumb-like vibes. So, grab your headphones, ⁢open new tabs, and let these⁢ talented⁢ artists transport‍ you to their enchanting musical worlds.

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