6 Bands Like Bring Me the Horizon

6 Bands Like Bring Me the Horizon


Bring Me‍ the Horizon is a renowned British rock band known for their unique⁤ blend of metalcore and‌ alternative rock. If you’re a fan of their music and are looking for similar bands to ⁣expand​ your playlist, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, ⁣I will personally recommend six bands that share similarities with Bring Me the Horizon, both​ in⁤ terms of sound and style.

Intro Paragraph ​2: While no band can truly replicate the distinct sound of Bring Me the ‌Horizon, these six⁤ bands offer ​a​ similar intensity⁢ and genre fusion that fans ‍of BMTH will undoubtedly enjoy.

Band 1: Architects

About the Band

Architects,‍ a metalcore band from Brighton, England, has gained significant popularity for their⁢ intense and ‌emotionally charged music. With intricate‌ guitar work, powerful screams, and catchy melodies, they have crafted their‌ unique ⁤sound over the years.

Similarity and⁢ Noteworthy Points

Architects’ music often exudes a similar raw energy and heaviness as Bring Me the‌ Horizon’s earlier works. They address introspective and⁣ emotional themes through their lyrics,​ making‌ them a beloved band among the alternative rock ‍community. If you enjoy Bring Me the ‌Horizon’s powerful compositions​ and thought-provoking lyrics, Architects is a band worth exploring.

Paragraph 2: Architects’ latest album, “For Those That Wish to Exist,” combines heavy ​breakdowns with atmospheric elements, ​showcasing their evolution as a band⁣ while staying true⁣ to their roots. You⁣ can find ⁢more‌ information about Architects on their‌ official website.

Band ⁣2: Asking Alexandria

About the Band

Asking Alexandria, a British rock band hailing from ‍York, rose ⁣to fame with their blend of metalcore and⁤ electronic‌ aesthetics. Known for their energetic live performances and charismatic ⁤frontman, they have garnered a dedicated fanbase worldwide.

Similarity and‍ Noteworthy Points

Asking Alexandria shares a similar⁢ fusion of heavy instrumentals and catchy melodies, reminiscent of Bring ⁣Me the‍ Horizon’s earlier discography. Their music also delves into introspective themes⁤ of⁣ inner struggles and personal growth. ⁢If you enjoy Bring Me ⁣the Horizon’s dynamic‍ sound and emotionally charged lyrics, Asking Alexandria is a⁢ band you won’t want ⁤to ⁤miss.

Paragraph 2: Asking Alexandria’s latest album, “Like a House on Fire,” showcases ⁤their evolving sound and experimentation with different genres. To learn more about Asking Alexandria, visit their official website.

Band 3: Parkway Drive

About ⁢the Band

Parkway Drive, an Australian metalcore ‍band, is known for their aggressive and heavy sound. Combining‍ elements of metal​ and hardcore punk, they⁢ have become‍ one of the most influential bands within the genre.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Like Bring Me the Horizon, Parkway Drive​ creates music that is both powerful and melodic. Their mix⁢ of heavy breakdowns, intense vocals, and atmospheric​ elements resonates ⁤with⁣ fans of⁤ the‍ genre. If you ⁤appreciate Bring Me the Horizon’s ability to seamlessly blend aggressive instrumentals with captivating melodies, ⁢Parkway⁤ Drive is a band worth exploring.

Paragraph 2: Parkway Drive’s⁤ latest album, “Reverence,” showcases‌ their growth as musicians while maintaining⁣ their signature intensity. For more information about Parkway Drive, visit ⁣their official⁢ website.

Band 4: Of Mice & Men

About the Band

Of Mice & Men, an American metalcore band from California, has been ‍making waves​ in the genre since their formation. They are known for their impactful lyrics, energetic ‍performances,⁣ and unique blend of heavy and melodic elements.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Of Mice & Men’s music shares ‌similarities with Bring Me the Horizon in their ability to‌ create emotionally ‍charged‍ songs. With powerful screams‌ and infectious⁢ hooks, they strike a balance between‌ aggression and melody, similar to BMTH’s earlier works. If ⁣you enjoy Bring⁤ Me the Horizon’s passionate and genre-defying⁤ music, Of Mice & Men ⁢is a band you should‌ definitely check⁤ out.

Paragraph 2: ‍ Of Mice & Men’s ⁣latest album,‌ “Earthandsky,” showcases their growth as a band, ‌experimenting ⁢with different styles while ⁢retaining ⁣their heavy essence. To learn‍ more about⁢ Of Mice ‌& Men, visit their official website.

Band 5: I Prevail

About ⁢the Band

I Prevail, an American rock band from Michigan, gained widespread recognition with⁢ their ‍cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space,” showcasing their⁤ ability to infuse pop sensibilities into their ⁣heavier ⁣sound. Their music combines elements of metalcore, alternative rock, and electronic music.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Like Bring Me⁣ the Horizon, I Prevail experiments with genre fusion ⁣and⁢ seamlessly​ blends heavy⁢ instrumentals with infectious melodies. Their ⁤introspective lyrics ⁤and anthemic⁢ choruses resonate ⁣with​ fans ​seeking gripping and‍ emotionally charged music. If you⁢ appreciate Bring Me the Horizon’s ability to create dynamic ⁢and ‍genre-defying songs, I Prevail is ‌a band you should⁣ definitely give a listen.

Paragraph 2: I Prevail’s latest album, “Trauma,” showcases their versatility ‍and songwriting​ abilities, exploring a‍ range of emotions within their music. For more information about I Prevail, visit their ‍ official website.

Band 6: Memphis⁤ May Fire

About the Band

Memphis‍ May Fire, a post-hardcore band from ​Texas, has captured the attention of ​fans⁢ with their combination of aggressive ‍instrumentals and heartfelt lyrics. Known for their powerful ⁤vocalist, they have⁣ garnered a dedicated following within the alternative⁣ rock scene.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Memphis May Fire’s music shares similarities with Bring Me the Horizon in⁤ their ability⁣ to create hard-hitting songs with irresistible hooks. Their exploration ‍of personal struggles, introspection, and resilience resonates with fans of emotionally driven music. If you enjoy Bring Me the Horizon’s ability to craft⁢ anthems ⁤that blend heavy elements with⁢ infectious choruses, Memphis May Fire is a band worth adding to your playlist.

Paragraph 2: Memphis May‌ Fire’s latest album, ‍”Broken,” showcases their growth as a ⁣band, offering a mix of heavy and melodic tracks. To learn more about Memphis May Fire, visit their official website.


Personally, for ‌me, these six bands mentioned above offer a similar blend of intensity, genre fusion, and ⁤emotionally charged​ music that fans of Bring Me the Horizon will enjoy. From ‍my​ research‌ and experience, exploring these bands will not only broaden your musical‌ horizons but also provide a diverse ⁣range of ⁢powerful and captivating ⁤songs to dive into. So, buckle up and embark on a musical journey enriched with heavy instrumentals, heartfelt lyrics, and ⁣irresistible melodies!

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