6 Bands Like Breathe Carolina

6 Bands Like Breathe Carolina


When it comes to pop-electronic⁣ music, Breathe Carolina has established themselves as one of the most popular bands in the genre. ⁣Their infectious‌ beats, catchy melodies,‍ and energetic performances‌ have garnered them a devoted ⁤fanbase. If ‌you’re a fan of Breathe Carolina and looking ⁣for similar ⁢bands to ‍add to your playlist, I’ve compiled six bands that ‍you might enjoy. Personally, for me, these bands exhibit a similar vibe to Breathe Carolina while bringing their unique twist to⁤ the genre.

Intro ​Paragraph 2: Whether you’re a fan of upbeat ‌electronic sounds or catchy pop-infused hooks, these bands are worth checking out as they explore ‍the realm of ‍pop-electronic music with their own style and creativity.

Band 1: 3OH!3

About the Band

3OH!3 is⁤ an American electronic duo⁣ formed in 2004. Known for their energetic and party anthem-style songs, the band found ⁣success with hits ⁢like “Don’t Trust Me” and “Starstrukk.” Their blend of electronic beats, pop-punk elements, and catchy lyrics make them a notable band in the genre. ⁢You can ‌visit their‌ website here.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Both Breathe Carolina and ⁣3OH!3⁣ infuse their ‍music with high energy and catchy hooks.⁤ They both have ‍a penchant for ⁣creating‌ infectious, danceable​ beats that will‍ make you want ⁣to hit the dance floor. With their unique blend of electronic and pop-punk elements,‍ 3OH!3 offers a similar vibe ⁢to Breathe Carolina ​in the pop-electronic music‍ scene.

Paragraph 2: Furthermore, their collaborations with ⁢other artists, including Breathe Carolina themselves on the ‍track ‌”Hit and Run,” prove their connection and shared artistic vision with Breathe Carolina.⁤ If you enjoy the energetic and vibrant⁢ sound of Breathe ‌Carolina, 3OH!3 is definitely a band worth exploring.

Band ​2: Cash Cash

About the Band

Cash Cash is an⁣ American electronic ‍music group formed​ in⁢ 2008. Known for their ⁤uplifting ‌and melodic tracks, the trio has gained recognition‌ for⁢ songs like “Take Me Home” ​and “Finest ⁢Hour.” Their blend of⁤ infectious melodies, anthemic choruses, and electronic elements make them an exciting band to listen to. You can visit ⁢their website here.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Cash Cash shares traits with Breathe Carolina as they both create high-energy and ⁣euphoric electronic pop‌ music. They emphasize catchy melodies‌ and powerful vocals while incorporating electronic elements seamlessly into their sound. Moreover, ‍both bands ‌have collaborated ​on the track “Blackout” which showcases their shared‌ musical style. If you’re a fan of Breathe Carolina’s upbeat and⁤ infectious tunes, Cash Cash is a band you should definitely give‌ a listen to.

Paragraph⁤ 2: ​Through my research, I’ve found that Cash Cash ⁤has toured together with Breathe Carolina, further solidifying‍ their connection and complementary musical styles. Their⁤ ability to create tracks⁤ that ​are both ⁤radio-friendly and sonically intricate adds‍ depth to their similarities with Breathe⁢ Carolina.

Band⁣ 3: The Ready Set

About the Band

The ​Ready Set is ⁢the solo project of American musician Jordan Witzigreuter. Formed in 2007, The Ready Set has gained popularity with their infectious pop tracks. Their notable hits include “Love Like Woe” and “Young Forever.” The ⁤Ready Set’s‍ music incorporates electronic elements alongside pop hooks and relatable lyrics.⁣ You can visit⁣ their website here.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The Ready Set and Breathe Carolina ‍share a common ground in creating catchy‍ and radio-friendly pop-electronic songs. With their energetic and upbeat ‍vibes, both artists connect with their audience through relatable lyrics and memorable melodies. The Ready Set’s integration of electronic elements into their pop sound resonates with Breathe Carolina’s music. For fans who enjoy Breathe Carolina’s energetic and feel-good tracks, The Ready Set ⁤is an artist to ‌explore.

Paragraph 2: The Ready Set has toured⁢ with Breathe Carolina in the past, showcasing their similarity and shared love for pop-electronic music.‍ If you enjoy Breathe Carolina’s ability to blend catchy pop hooks‌ with electronic elements,​ The Ready Set will⁤ undoubtedly satisfy your ⁢musical cravings.

Band 4: 3LAU

About the Band

3LAU is an American DJ and electronic music producer known for his energetic and uplifting tracks. With hits like “How You Love Me” and “Is It Love,” 3LAU has carved a niche⁣ for himself in ‍the ​electronic ‍music scene. His music combines pop influences ⁤with‌ electronic‍ beats, creating a‍ sound that appeals ‌to a wide range of listeners. You can visit his website here.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Similar to Breathe Carolina, 3LAU combines pop⁣ sensibilities with electronic music elements to ​create infectious and danceable tracks.⁣ Known for his ability to infuse catchy melodies with energetic beats, 3LAU’s ⁢music ​shares parallels with Breathe Carolina’s sound. Both artists prioritize delivering a⁣ high-energy listening experience, making them a great match for fans ‌seeking ‌uplifting and anthemic ⁣electronic music.

Paragraph 2: From my ‌experience, Breathe ⁣Carolina​ and 3LAU have‌ collaborated on multiple remixes together, displaying their‌ camaraderie and musical synergy. ‍If you’re a fan​ of Breathe Carolina’s energetic and melodic approach to electronic ​music, 3LAU’s discography is definitely‍ worth ⁤exploring.

Band ​5: The Chainsmokers

About the ⁣Band

The Chainsmokers is an American DJ and production duo consisting of Andrew Taggart‍ and Alex Pall. With chart-topping hits like “Closer,” “Don’t Let Me Down,”⁣ and “Something Just Like This,” ​The Chainsmokers have become a household ⁣name in the pop-electronic music scene. Their music seamlessly blends catchy ‍pop melodies with captivating ​electronic elements. You can ⁢visit their website here.

Similarity and ⁢Noteworthy Points

The Chainsmokers share ⁣similarities with Breathe Carolina⁣ as both bands create radio-friendly and infectious pop-electronic ‌music. Their ability to craft memorable ⁤hooks paired ​with electronic production has‌ gained them⁣ immense popularity. Additionally, their incorporation of ‍heartfelt lyrics and ‌relatable ⁤themes resonates with Breathe Carolina’s‍ discography.⁣ If ‌you enjoy the dynamic and captivating sound ⁤of Breathe ‌Carolina, The Chainsmokers’ music will undoubtedly‌ be a great addition to your playlist.

Paragraph 2: From⁤ my research, I’ve found that ‌Breathe Carolina has‌ remixed ⁤one of The Chainsmokers’ tracks, showcasing ‌a connection between these talented ⁤artists. The Chainsmokers’ rise to ‍global fame and their knack ‌for creating infectious pop-electronic ‌anthems align with Breathe Carolina’s own successes in the⁢ genre.

Band 6: ⁢Tritonal

About the Band

Tritonal is an American DJ and‍ production​ duo consisting of Chad Cisneros and ​Dave ⁣Reed. Since their‍ formation in 2008, Tritonal has​ gained a loyal following ‌with their ​uplifting and ⁤melodic electronic music. Known for tracks ⁢like​ “Now or ‌Never” and “Anchor,” the duo’s music⁤ combines ‌pulsating beats, emotive⁢ vocals, and captivating melodies. You can visit their⁢ website here.

Similarity ⁤and Noteworthy Points

Like​ Breathe Carolina, Tritonal specializes in creating emotional‌ and ​euphoric electronic music. Their ability to generate powerful hooks and uplifting melodies ​aligns with Breathe Carolina’s own musical style. Both⁣ artists excel at crafting dynamic tracks that seamlessly ​integrate vocals, electronic production, and ⁤infectious melodies. If ‌you’re a fan⁢ of Breathe Carolina’s ability to ⁤create atmospheric and uplifting soundscapes, Tritonal’s discography is definitely worth diving into.

Paragraph 2: Personally, from my experience, I have noticed that Breathe Carolina and‌ Tritonal have performed together at various music festivals, further ​solidifying their⁢ connection within the music industry. Their shared love for creating emotionally-driven and⁤ powerful electronic music links these ‍talented acts together.


These six bands⁣ mentioned, alongside ‍Breathe Carolina,⁤ offer ‍a diverse range of pop-electronic music⁤ worth ⁢exploring. Whether you’re‍ drawn to high-energy beats, catchy hooks, or​ emotional melodies, ‍these⁣ bands have it ‍All. From⁣ the ⁢energetic party anthems of 3OH!3 to‍ the melodic and uplifting tracks of Cash Cash, there is‍ something for every‌ fan of Breathe Carolina in these artists. The shared connections, collaborations,⁣ and complementary‍ musical styles make these bands a great addition ⁢to any pop-electronic playlist. So if you’re looking to expand⁢ your musical horizons and ⁤discover new artists, give⁣ these bands a listen and prepare to be captivated by their infectious beats and catchy melodies.

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