6 Bands like black midi

6 Bands like black midi


As a fan ⁣of the experimental post-punk​ band black midi, I have always been on the lookout ⁤for‍ similar acts that push​ the boundaries of music and challenge traditional genres. In my opinion,⁤ discovering new bands that share a similar unique sound can be a ⁢thrilling experience for music enthusiasts. In this article, I will personally introduce you to six bands‍ that, in my experience, offer a similar level of ⁣experimentation and innovation. So, if you’re craving⁣ some mind-bending music, these⁤ bands might just⁢ be what you’re looking for!

Intro ⁤Paragraph 2: Black midi has gained a reputation ‌for⁢ their distinctively ‌complex⁤ compositions,⁣ eccentric performances, and genre-bending sound. Their music incorporates⁣ elements of noise rock, math rock, and‍ progressive rock, making⁢ them ⁣a truly unique presence⁣ in the music industry. Now, let’s ​dive into six bands ⁣that ‌share⁢ a similar level of⁢ creativity and ⁢boundary-pushing.

Band 1: King⁤ Gizzard‌ & the Lizard Wizard

About the Band

King Gizzard &⁤ the Lizard Wizard is an Australian psychedelic rock band⁣ known for their‍ eclectic sound and prolific output. Their music seamlessly blends genres like⁢ garage rock, progressive rock, and even microtonal⁤ music. Their discography showcases a wide range of experimentation, ⁤constantly challenging ‍listeners’ expectations.

Similarity and ‍Noteworthy Points

Just like‌ black midi, ‌King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard pushes the boundaries of ‌traditional song structures and explores intricate musical arrangements.​ Their album “Nonagon Infinity” stands out as a seamless looping experience, where each track‌ flows ⁤perfectly into the next. If you enjoy black midi’s technicality and ever-changing ‌rhythms, King⁢ Gizzard ⁢& the Lizard Wizard will undoubtedly captivate your ears.

Paragraph‌ 2: To learn more about King Gizzard & the Lizard‍ Wizard, visit their official website.

Band 2: IDLES

About⁢ the Band

IDLES is a British post-punk band known for their raw energy, politically charged lyrics, and intense live performances. Their music addresses topics like⁢ toxic⁣ masculinity, mental health, and ⁤societal issues, all delivered ⁣through​ a cathartic blend of punk rock and noise.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

In my opinion, IDLES captures the same intensity and boundary-pushing spirit found in black midi’s music. With their explosive live shows ⁢and unapologetic approach to songwriting, they align with black midi’s ethos ‌of⁢ musical rebellion. If you appreciate black midi’s emotionally ‌charged⁤ performances and passion for tackling social⁢ issues, IDLES is definitely⁤ a band to explore.

Paragraph 2: To⁤ learn more⁤ about IDLES, visit their official website.

Band 3: The Comet Is ‍Coming

About the​ Band

The Comet Is Coming is a British band that‌ fuses elements of jazz,⁣ electronica, and Afrobeat​ to create ⁤a transcendent‌ experience. ⁢Their ‍music is characterized by cosmic, improvisational jams​ that ‍transport listeners⁣ to otherworldly realms.

Similarity⁤ and Noteworthy Points

If ‍you enjoy the experimental and genre-bending aspects of black midi’s sound, The Comet Is Coming is a band you don’t want to ‌miss. Their‍ ability to blend various musical genres and create captivating sonic ‍landscapes resonates with the spirit of black midi. Both bands push the boundaries ⁢of music, creating‍ immersive experiences that are truly out ⁢of this ⁢world.

Paragraph 2: To ⁢learn more about The Comet‍ Is Coming, visit‍ their⁣ official website.

Band 4: Battles

About the‍ Band

Battles is an‍ American experimental⁣ rock band ​known for their complex instrumentals, off-kilter rhythms, and mesmerizing live performances. Their music combines elements of⁤ math rock, progressive rock, and electronic music,‌ resulting in a rich ⁤and dynamic sonic experience.

Similarity and ⁣Noteworthy‌ Points

If you‌ appreciate black midi’s technical prowess and intricate compositions, Battles is a band you shouldn’t overlook. Both bands excel in creating‌ complex and mesmerizing musical landscapes that challenge conventional song structures.‌ Battles’ unique ⁢sound and innovative approach to rhythm align with the‌ experimental spirit of black midi.

Paragraph 2: To learn more about Battles, visit their official website.

Band 5: Algiers

About the Band

Algiers ‍is an American band that combines elements​ of post-punk, gospel, and industrial music to create a politically charged and emotionally potent sound.‍ Their music addresses⁤ themes of race, identity, and social inequality with an urgent and powerful delivery.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Algiers⁣ shares a similar level ​of ​intensity and thought-provoking lyricism with black midi. Their willingness to blend‌ genres and explore untrodden musical territories aligns with black midi’s experimental tendencies. If you are drawn to black midi’s socially conscious messages and emotionally impactful music, Algiers is a band worth exploring.

Paragraph 2: To learn​ more about Algiers, visit their official website.

Band 6: Squid

About the Band

Squid is a British post-punk band‍ known for their angular guitar riffs, propulsive rhythms, and poetic lyricism. Their ⁣music combines elements of post-punk, art rock, and funk, resulting in a captivating ⁣and ​infectious sound.

Similarity‍ and Noteworthy Points

If you find⁣ yourself drawn to black midi’s blend⁤ of artistry‍ and eccentricity, Squid is a band you should definitely check out. ⁢Their ability⁢ to create infectious grooves while still maintaining a sense of experimentalism resonates with black midi’s unique ​style. Squid’s dynamic and unpredictable approach to songwriting is sure to appeal to fans ⁢of black midi’s avant-garde sound.

Paragraph 2: To learn more about Squid,⁣ visit their‌ official website.


Personally, ⁣for me, ‍discovering bands similar to black midi has⁣ been an exciting journey filled with captivating ‍music and thrilling sonic adventures. From my research⁤ and experience, the bands ⁣mentioned‌ above share a similar level of experimentation and genre-defying spirit that fans⁤ of ⁤black midi will appreciate. Whether ‌you’re drawn ‍to black ⁤midi’s complex compositions, boundary-pushing sound, or emotionally charged performances, ⁣these bands offer a diverse range⁢ of innovative music to explore.

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