6 Bands Like Big Thief

6 Bands Like Big Thief


As a fan of Big Thief, ⁣I’ve always appreciated their unique sound and ⁣heartfelt⁣ lyrics. If you’re⁤ a fan too, or if you simply enjoy their music, you might be‍ wondering if⁢ there are any other bands out there ​with a similar vibe. After doing some research and exploring different musical genres, I have come across ⁤six bands that I believe share certain similarities with Big Thief. So, without further ado, here are six⁢ bands like Big Thief that you should check out:

Intro Paragraph 2: Each of these bands captures⁤ the essence of Big Thief‌ in their ‌own way ‍while bringing their own unique touch to their music. From the poignant storytelling to the raw emotion in their voices, these bands have⁢ something special to offer. So grab your headphones and let’s dive ​in!

Band 1:‍ Fleet Foxes

About the Band:

Fleet Foxes is ⁢an ​indie folk⁢ band from Seattle, Washington. Known for their intricate harmonies and poetic lyrics, their ‍music creates an ethereal and introspective atmosphere. You can check out their website here.

Similarity ‌and Noteworthy Points:

Like Big Thief, Fleet Foxes excel‌ in storytelling through their music. Their songs often evoke a sense of nostalgia and introspection,⁢ leaving the ​listener with a profound emotional ⁢experience. Both bands also have a knack for creating lush soundscapes and intricate arrangements ‌that transport you to another‍ world.

Paragraph 2: If you enjoy Big Thief’s poetic lyricism and raw vocals, Fleet Foxes is a band you should definitely check ‌out. Songs like “White Winter Hymnal” and “Helplessness Blues” ‍capture the same essence of vulnerability and ⁣introspection that Big Thief fans adore.

Band 2: ​Waxahatchee

About the Band:

Waxahatchee is the indie rock project of singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield. With confessional lyrics and⁢ a raw, intimate sound, her music is deeply personal​ and ‌emotive. You can find out more about Waxahatchee on their website here.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points:

Waxahatchee shares a similar vulnerability in their music as Big Thief. Both ​artists explore themes of love, loss, and self-reflection‍ in their lyrics. Their haunting vocals and⁣ stripped-down musical arrangements create an intimate and raw listening experience that leaves a powerful impact.

Paragraph⁤ 2: Whether you’re⁤ captivated by Big Thief’s⁤ emotional⁤ storytelling or the ​captivating nature of their sound, Waxahatchee offers a similar experience. Be sure to check out songs such as “Lilacs” and‍ “La Loose” to dive into Waxahatchee’s soul-baring music.

Band 3: Hiss Golden Messenger

About the Band:

Hiss Golden Messenger is the musical project of⁤ singer-songwriter MC Taylor. Blending ⁤elements of folk, country, and indie⁣ rock, their music has ​a soulful and heartfelt quality. You can visit their ⁢website here to learn more.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points:

Like Big Thief, Hiss Golden Messenger draws inspiration from folk and Americana roots while infusing a modern touch. Their music is characterized by introspective songwriting, warm melodies, and Taylor’s evocative vocals. ⁤Both bands have a knack for capturing the‌ essence of storytelling and creating an emotional connection with their listeners.

Paragraph 2: If you’re searching for music that captures the authenticity and heartfelt nature of Big Thief, Hiss Golden Messenger is ⁤definitely worth checking out. Songs like “Brother, Do You Know the Road?” and “Biloxi” will ⁤transport you to a world of introspection and emotional⁤ depth.

Band 4: ​Angel Olsen

About the Band:

Angel Olsen is an indie folk singer-songwriter known for her haunting vocals and introspective lyrics. With a diverse range of musical ​styles, she creates a⁤ captivating and emotionally charged atmosphere in her music. Check out ⁣Angel Olsen’s website here.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points:

Angel Olsen, like Big Thief, delivers emotionally charged performances⁣ that linger long after the music ends. Both artists have a unique way of capturing complex emotions and translating them into compelling songs. Olsen’s raw vocals and poetic storytelling create an intimate connection with the ‌listener.

Paragraph 2: If you’re drawn to Big Thief’s emotionally charged music, Angel Olsen is ​an artist you should definitely explore. Songs ‌like “Shut ‌Up Kiss Me” and “Sister” showcase her ability to convey raw vulnerability and evoke strong emotions.

Band 5: Phoebe Bridgers

About the Band:

Phoebe Bridgers is ‍an indie folk ⁣singer-songwriter known for ⁢her melancholic yet beautiful music. Her introspective lyrics and delicate melodies paint a vivid picture of ​emotions. Get more information about Phoebe Bridgers on her website ​ here.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points:

Phoebe Bridgers shares a similar introspective and vulnerable quality with Big Thief. Her‌ music is characterized by⁤ its raw​ and tender storytelling, capturing moments of personal growth, heartache, and inner reflection. Both artists have a knack for enveloping the listener in a hauntingly beautiful ‌atmosphere.

Paragraph 2: If you resonate with Big ⁢Thief’s​ poetic lyricism and emotionally evocative sound, Phoebe Bridgers is an artist you shouldn’t miss. Songs like “Motion Sickness” and “Scott Street” showcase her ability to express complex emotions in a captivating ⁤and relatable way.

Band 6: Julia Jacklin

About the Band:

Julia Jacklin is an indie folk singer-songwriter hailing from ⁢Australia. Her music explores themes​ of vulnerability, self-discovery, and relationships. You can find out more ⁤about Julia Jacklin on her website here.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points:

Julia Jacklin’s music, like Big Thief’s, possesses a raw and emotionally authentic quality. Both ⁣artists have ⁤a talent for storytelling through their lyrics and showcase vulnerability⁣ in their performances. Jacklin’s distinctive voice and poignant songwriting create a deep connection with her listeners.

Paragraph 2: If you’re looking for music similar to Big Thief that ‌combines beautiful storytelling and heartfelt⁣ performances, Julia⁤ Jacklin should be⁤ on your radar. Don’t miss songs like “Don’t‌ Know How to Keep Loving You” and “Pool Party” to fully experience her⁤ introspective and emotionally rich sound.


Personally, for⁤ me, finding bands that⁤ evoke a⁢ similar emotional response to Big Thief has ​been an ⁣enriching journey. These six bands mentioned above offer a diverse range of experiences, capturing the essence of vulnerability, introspection, and emotional storytelling. From my experience, I can confidently say that⁢ if you’re a Big Thief ​fan or⁢ simply appreciate their music, you’ll find something to love in these artists. So, go ‌ahead and explore their music, see what resonates with you, and perhaps discover your new favorite‍ band.

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