6 Bands Like Babymetal

6 Bands Like Babymetal


As a​ fan of Babymetal, I have always been captivated by their unique blend of J-pop and heavy metal. Their high-energy performances and catchy tunes make them one-of-a-kind. However, if you’re looking⁢ to expand your music library and discover more bands with similar ‍sounds and styles, ‍I’ve got ⁢you‍ covered. Below, I’ve‌ compiled a⁢ list of six bands that share some similarities with ‍Babymetal but ‌also bring⁢ their own unique flavors⁤ to ‍the table.⁤ Personally, these bands have ⁢provided me with⁢ hours of headbanging fun and I hope they will do‍ the same for you!

Intro Paragraph 2: ⁤ Now, let’s​ dive into ⁣the world of J-pop infused metal and explore these incredible⁤ bands!

Band 1: Ladybaby

About the Band

Ladybaby ​is a Japanese metal idol group formed in 2015. ‍The band consists of two Japanese girls, Rie Kaneko and Rei Kuromiya, and a⁣ male ⁣Australian wrestler ‍and singer, Ladybeard. They gained popularity‍ with their debut single “Nippon Manju”⁢ and ⁣have since released‌ several‍ infectious songs that combine heavy‍ metal and idol pop elements.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Like‌ Babymetal,⁢ Ladybaby seamlessly merges J-pop idol aesthetics with heavier genres of⁣ music. Their energetic performances⁣ and catchy melodies will make you want to dance and headbang simultaneously.‌ If you appreciate the mix of cute‌ and powerful⁤ vocals,⁣ along ⁤with heavy guitar riffs, Ladybaby is the perfect band to add to your playlist. Check ⁢out their website here.

Paragraph 2: Ladybaby’s costumes and music⁢ videos are​ also entertaining and visually striking, just‍ like Babymetal. ‍They have their own distinct image, ⁤and‍ their songs often carry positive and empowering messages, ensuring a feel-good experience.

Band 2: Band-Maid

About the Band

Band-Maid is a Japanese‌ rock band formed in 2013. Their concept​ revolves around ‌serving their music like maids serve their masters. The band consists of five ⁢talented ladies, who ‍deliver a‌ mix of rock and metal music with powerful vocals ⁢and captivating instrumentals.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Band-Maid shares ⁣Babymetal’s ability to seamlessly blend genres. Although their style leans more towards hard rock and metal, their ‍catchy melodies and energetic performances are reminiscent of Babymetal’s infectious energy. Their blend ‌of powerful vocals and impressive‍ musicianship make them a must-listen for ‍any Babymetal fan.⁢ Check out their website here.

Paragraph 2: Band-Maid’s maid-themed‍ outfits add an element of fun and playfulness to ​their performances, similar⁢ to Babymetal’s unique attire. Their songs often carry themes of empowerment and⁤ embracing one’s individuality,​ making ⁣them ‌a perfect⁣ choice⁤ for​ fans seeking⁢ high-energy ⁤rock with⁢ a twist.

Band‍ 3: Deadlift Lolita

About the Band

Deadlift Lolita is another project created by⁢ Ladybeard, alongside‍ the talented ⁣Japanese ‌wrestler ‍and ⁤singer, Reika Saiki. Their music combines heavy metal⁢ with ‌dance beats, resulting in a unique fusion known as “kawaiicore.” The ​duo’s lively performances⁣ and infectious⁣ energy make them stand out in ‌the metal‌ scene.

Similarity⁣ and Noteworthy⁣ Points

Deadlift Lolita⁤ shares Babymetal’s ability to blend contrasting ‍genres to create exhilarating music. Their high-energy ‌performances, quirky lyrics, and catchy melodies will ‍have you dancing and headbanging at the‍ same time. Their mix of heavy music and upbeat electronica provides a fresh and exciting twist to the metal genre. Check out their website here.

Paragraph 2: Just like Babymetal, Deadlift ‌Lolita’s ‌music is all about ​having fun and embracing your unique self. The combination of Ladybeard’s ‌guttural ⁤screams and‌ Saiki’s powerful​ vocals creates a⁤ dynamic⁣ duo that will leave you wanting ⁣more.

Band 4: Passcode

About the Band

Passcode ‌is ‍a Japanese idol group formed in 2013. Their music is a unique⁣ blend of heavy metal,⁣ electronic elements, and idol pop, resulting in ⁣a sound that is both⁤ powerful and infectious. Passcode’s use of electronic beats ‌and aggressive guitar ​riffs⁤ adds an exciting edge to their music.

Similarity ⁢and Noteworthy Points

Passcode’s fusion of heavy metal and electronic ⁤elements ⁤is⁣ reminiscent⁤ of Babymetal’s genre-blending ‌approach. ‌Their energetic performances and ⁤intense choreography create a captivating stage presence. The inclusion of harsh vocals alongside melodic singing adds‍ depth to their⁤ music. ​Check out their ‍website here.

Paragraph 2: Passcode’s music often⁢ carries messages of strength, rebellion, and breaking⁤ free⁤ from societal norms. Their electrifying sound will​ leave you pumped up and ready ‌to conquer the world.

Band 5: Gacharic ​Spin

About the Band

Gacharic Spin is an all-female Japanese rock​ band formed in ⁣2009. They are known for their high-energy ⁢performances, catchy tunes, and impressive instrumental skills. The ⁤band’s sound is a mix of rock, pop, and electronic elements, with powerful vocals and intense guitar⁤ solos.

Similarity and‌ Noteworthy Points

Gacharic ⁣Spin’s blend of rock, pop, and electronic⁢ elements shares⁣ similarities ⁣with Babymetal’s genre-bending style. Their high-octane performances and infectious⁣ melodies ⁣are bound to get ⁤you⁢ up on your ⁣feet. The​ band’s talented members bring an incredible‍ amount of energy to the ‌stage, ⁣leaving a⁤ lasting impression. Check out⁤ their website here.

Paragraph ⁢2: Gacharic Spin balances powerful‌ vocals with impressive instrumental skills, showcasing⁤ an all-round​ talent that will keep you hooked. Their music carries an empowering message of self-belief and determination, making them ‌a perfect addition to any ‍rock/metal playlist.

Band 6: Yousei Teikoku

About the ​Band

Yousei Teikoku, ⁣meaning “Fairy ⁣Empire” in English, is a ‍five-member ⁣Japanese ‌rock ‌band formed in 1997. Their music combines ‍elements of gothic rock, metal,⁢ and classical arrangements, creating a unique sound that ‌borders on the ethereal.⁣ Yousei Teikoku’s music ⁣often features powerful⁢ vocals and dark, epic melodies.

Similarity and ​Noteworthy Points

Yousei ⁢Teikoku’s fusion of gothic⁢ rock, metal, and classical elements shares⁣ some similarities⁤ with Babymetal’s ​incorporation⁢ of diverse genres. Their captivating sound, coupled with hauntingly⁢ beautiful​ vocals, creates ‌a ⁢mesmerizing atmosphere. The band’s theatrical and⁤ dramatic performances add a ⁣layer of⁤ grandeur to ​their music. Check out ⁣their website here.

Paragraph ‍2: ⁣Yousei Teikoku’s ⁢music often revolves around fantasy, gothic ‍themes, and supernatural beings, creating a world of its⁢ own. Their atmospheric soundscapes will transport‌ you⁤ to another realm,⁢ making them ⁣a must-listen for fans of the darker side ⁤of ‌metal.


From my research and experience, these six bands offer a musical journey similar to Babymetal while also bringing their own ​unique elements ‍to ‍the ‌table. Ladybaby, Band-Maid, Deadlift Lolita, Passcode, Gacharic ‌Spin, ​and Yousei⁢ Teikoku⁣ all offer captivating performances, infectious melodies, and a​ perfect‌ blend of heavy music and catchy vocals. ‍So, if you’re ‌a fan of Babymetal or simply⁢ looking for some fresh and exciting music, ⁢give these bands a‌ listen. ⁢In my opinion, they‍ are‍ definitely worth a​ spot in your playlist.

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