6 Bands Like Asking Alexandria

6 Bands Like Asking Alexandria


As⁤ a fan of⁢ Asking Alexandria,⁢ I always appreciate discovering new bands that⁣ have a similar sound and style.‌ If you’re craving music that captures the intense energy⁢ and ⁣heavy sound of Asking‍ Alexandria, I’ve got you covered. In my opinion, these six‍ bands ‍I’m about to introduce ​you to ⁣are worth checking ⁢out if you’re a fan⁤ of Asking Alexandria. From my research and ‍experience, ‌these bands share similarities in genre, musical style, and overall vibe, making them a great choice if you’re looking⁣ for something new to listen to.

Intro Paragraph 2: Let’s dive into these six bands‌ and discover some‌ great music!

Band 1:⁤ Crown the Empire

About the Band

Crown the‌ Empire is an American metalcore band formed⁣ in 2010. ⁤They gained⁤ popularity ​with their powerful blend of⁤ heavy electronic music and intense vocals. The band incorporates elements of ⁣metal, post-hardcore, and electronicore‌ into their sound, creating a unique and captivating experience.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Like ‍Asking Alexandria, Crown the‌ Empire combines aggressive breakdowns and​ melodic ⁢choruses, delivering an adrenaline-fueled listening ​experience. Their lyrics often touch upon ⁤personal ⁣struggles and emotional themes, adding depth to their music. Overall, Crown the Empire is a must-listen for any​ Asking Alexandria fan.

Paragraph 2: If you want to learn more‍ about Crown the‌ Empire and their music, ‌you ⁣can visit their official website.

Band⁤ 2: Motionless‌ In⁤ White

About the​ Band

Motionless In White is an American ⁤metalcore band hailing from Pennsylvania. They are known for their hauntingly dark lyrics, heavy riffs, and⁣ strong stage presence. Mixing elements⁤ of metalcore,⁢ industrial,‍ and alternative ‍rock, Motionless​ In White has crafted a sound ‍that is both aggressive and captivating.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Similar to Asking Alexandria, Motionless‍ In White ‌infuses a catchy blend ⁣of ‌heavy guitar riffs and atmospheric keyboards with aggressive screams and​ melodic hooks. Both bands share a deep-rooted intensity in their music and often explore themes of​ darkness, inner struggles, and‍ personal experiences. Motionless In White is definitely a band worth exploring if you enjoy the sound ‌of Asking Alexandria.

Paragraph 2: To learn more ⁤about Motionless In​ White and their ‍music, ‌check⁣ out their⁢ official website.

Band 3: The Word Alive

About ‍the Band

The Word Alive is an American metalcore band formed in 2008. Known for their explosive live performances, they ⁢incorporate heavy breakdowns, intricate guitar work, and impressive ⁢vocal range into their music. The ⁤band ‍has released⁣ several‍ albums that ‍showcase⁤ their evolving sound and growth as musicians.

Similarity ⁢and Noteworthy ‌Points

The Word ‌Alive‌ shares similarities ‍with Asking Alexandria in their aggressive and energetic approach to metalcore.​ Their‍ songs often contain⁤ uplifting and empowering messages, creating a sense of unity and resilience. If you’re‌ a ⁤fan ‍of Asking Alexandria, The Word ⁢Alive is definitely‍ a band to⁤ add​ to your ⁣playlist.

Paragraph 2: For more information about The Word Alive and⁣ their discography, make sure to visit their official website.

Band 4: Of Mice & Men

About the Band

Of Mice & Men is an American metalcore band that emerged in ​2009. Their heavy sound, catchy melodies,‌ and ​emotionally charged lyrics have gained them a⁣ dedicated following. Through⁢ their music, they tackle personal struggles, mental health, and the intensity of ‌the human experience.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

With their blend of heavy breakdowns and anthemic choruses, ⁢Of Mice ​&⁣ Men shares similarities with Asking Alexandria.⁣ Both bands ⁤infuse their music with raw emotion and vulnerability, ⁤creating a cathartic⁢ experience for listeners. If you’re looking for music⁤ that hits​ hard‍ and speaks to the depths of your soul, give Of Mice & ​Men a listen.

Paragraph‌ 2: Explore more of Of Mice & Men’s ⁤music by visiting ⁣their official website.

Band 5: Beartooth

About the ⁢Band

Beartooth is‌ an American hardcore punk band formed in 2012. Fronted by‌ Caleb Shomo, the former lead vocalist of Attack‍ Attack!, Beartooth delivers an explosive combination of heavy breakdowns, aggressive vocals, and anthemic hooks. Their music captures the raw energy and passion of⁣ the genre.

Similarity and⁢ Noteworthy Points

For fans of‌ Asking Alexandria, Beartooth offers ‍a similar ⁣adrenaline-infused experience. Their high-energy performances ‍and emotionally charged lyrics resonate with‌ listeners. Beartooth’s music channels raw emotion ‍and intensity, making ⁢them a band that perfectly ⁤complements the sound ⁢of Asking Alexandria.

Paragraph 2: To discover more about Beartooth and their discography, ⁣head over to their official ‍website.

Band 6: Memphis May ‌Fire

About the Band

Memphis May Fire is an‌ American metalcore band formed‌ in ‌2006. Known for their melodic⁣ guitar riffs, powerful vocals, ⁢and deeply personal lyrics, they have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the genre. The band’s ability to shift from heavy breakdowns to infectious melodies is a testament to‌ their musical⁤ versatility.

Similarity and ‌Noteworthy Points

Memphis May Fire ⁤shares similarities with Asking Alexandria in their​ ability to seamlessly ⁤blend ⁣heavy and melodic elements within their music. Both bands push boundaries with their intense and emotional performances. Memphis May Fire’s ⁣compelling songwriting and⁢ captivating sound make them an excellent choice for ‍fans of Asking Alexandria.

Paragraph 2: Dive ⁤deeper into the world of ⁣Memphis May Fire by visiting their official website.


In my opinion, these six⁢ bands ‍provide a great starting⁢ point for ‌exploring music ​similar to Asking Alexandria. From my research and⁢ experience, Crown ⁤the Empire, Motionless In‌ White, The Word Alive, Of Mice & Men, Beartooth, and Memphis May Fire offer a‌ blend of heavy, aggressive⁤ sound and catchy ⁢melodies that ​fans of Asking Alexandria will⁣ enjoy. ‍Personally, for me,​ these bands have become some of my go-to choices⁣ when I’m craving music⁣ with‍ a similar ⁢vibe. So, give them a⁤ listen and see which ones resonate with​ you!

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