6 Bands like Amyl and the Sniffers

6 Bands like Amyl and the Sniffers


As an avid fan​ of the punk ‍rock band ​Amyl and the Sniffers, I have discovered⁢ several​ other bands that share a similar energetic and raw sound. If⁢ you enjoy Amyl and the Sniffers ‌and ⁣are looking for⁤ more music ⁢to get your adrenaline pumping, ‍here⁢ are six bands that I personally recommend checking out!

Intro⁣ Paragraph 2: Before ⁣diving into the bands, it’s important to note that musical taste can ⁤vary from person ⁢to person. While ‌these ​bands share‌ similarities ⁤with Amyl and the Sniffers, they may have their own unique style and sound. So, take‌ this as ⁤a starting point to⁣ explore new music ⁤and discover⁣ your own favorites!

Band 1:⁣ The Chats

About the Band

The Chats ⁣are an Australian punk rock band known for their infectious ⁣hooks and humorous lyrics. Hailing from Queensland, this trio has gained a reputation ‌for their high-energy live performances and catchy punk anthems.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Similar to Amyl and the Sniffers, The Chats bring an unapologetic punk⁣ attitude to their music. ⁣Their raw sound, fast-paced guitar riffs, and⁢ quirky lyrical themes make them⁣ a perfect recommendation for fans of ​Amyl and​ the‍ Sniffers. Check out ‍The Chats’ official‌ website here.

Paragraph 2: With songs like “Smoko” ⁣and “Pub Feed,”⁣ The Chats capture the essence of youth rebellion and deliver it with a dose of humor.‌ Their music is⁢ perfect for blasting through your​ speakers‌ and letting loose.

Band 2: IDLES

About the Band

Hailing from Bristol, England, ⁣IDLES are a punk rock band​ known ⁢for their ​intense and politically charged⁢ lyrics. Their music⁤ tackles social issues with​ a ferocious energy​ that demands attention.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Like Amyl‍ and the Sniffers, IDLES‍ brings a ⁢raw and unfiltered sound to ‍their music. Their energetic live performances have become legendary, filled with⁣ the same kind of passion and intensity that fans of ⁤Amyl and the​ Sniffers appreciate. Check out IDLES’ official website ​ here.

Paragraph 2: ​IDLES’ music is a mix ⁢of punk and post-punk elements,‌ which ‌creates a unique and powerful sonic experience. Their songs such as “Danny Nedelko” and‍ “Mother”⁢ tackle societal issues‌ and express the frustrations of⁤ a generation.

Band 3:‍ The Regrettes

About the Band

The ‌Regrettes, an American punk rock band ⁢formed ⁢in⁣ 2015, have ⁢gained ⁣recognition for ​their blend of ’60s girl-group pop with a raw punk edge. Led by frontwoman Lydia Night, they‌ deliver catchy melodies with empowering lyrics.

Similarity ​and ‌Noteworthy Points

The​ Regrettes’ combination of‌ punk⁣ attitude and ​sugary-sweet⁤ melodies‍ is ​reminiscent of Amyl and the Sniffers’ sound. With tracks ‍like “Seashore”​ and “I Dare You,” their music embodies the‍ rebellious spirit ‍of punk while incorporating ⁣elements ⁤of pop. Check out The​ Regrettes’ official website here.

Paragraph 2: Their ⁤lyrics explore themes of feminism, empowerment, and teenage angst. With their infectious ‌energy and catchy hooks,‍ The Regrettes offer⁣ a refreshing take on​ punk rock.

Band 4: Slaves

About the Band

Slaves are a British punk‌ duo ‍consisting of⁣ Laurie Vincent ‌on guitar and ⁣Isaac Holman on drums and vocals. Known for their‍ intense live performances and aggressive sound, Slaves have made a ⁢name for themselves in the punk scene.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Slaves channel a similar raw‍ energy and intensity ‍as Amyl and the Sniffers. ⁣Their stripped-down lineup and⁣ powerful sound create ‌a captivating⁢ punk experience. Check out Slaves’ official​ website⁢ here.

Paragraph 2: ‍With tracks like ‍”Hey” and “Cheer Up London,” Slaves deliver⁤ socially‌ conscious ​lyrics with a sense of urgency. Their music resonates with anyone looking for ⁢a no-nonsense punk sound.

Band 5: Dream Wife

About the Band

Dream ‍Wife is a British-Icelandic⁤ punk rock band⁢ formed in 2015. Their music blends punk, pop, and indie rock influences, creating an energetic and catchy sound ‍that refuses to ⁣be pigeonholed.

Similarity ​and Noteworthy Points

Dream⁣ Wife’s fusion of gritty punk and⁤ pop sensibilities is similar to ⁣the spirit of Amyl ⁢and the Sniffers. Their songs like “Hey Heartbreaker” and “Somebody” ⁣showcase their ability to combine infectious hooks with powerful messages. Check out​ Dream Wife’s‍ official website here.

Paragraph 2: Dream Wife’s music celebrates female empowerment and challenges societal norms. Combining‍ raw energy with catchy melodies, they are a band worth adding to ⁣your punk⁤ rock playlist.

Band ‍6: The Murder Capital

About the Band

The Murder Capital ‍is an ‌Irish post-punk band ⁢known for ⁣their brooding sound and intense live ⁢performances. ⁣Their⁢ music⁢ combines dark lyrics with ‍atmospheric instrumentation to create a haunting sonic experience.

Similarity and Noteworthy ​Points

The Murder Capital may offer a slightly‍ different⁢ sound than ​Amyl and ‍the Sniffers, but⁣ their intensity and raw ⁣emotion are⁢ reminiscent of the punk spirit. Their songs such​ as “Don’t Cling to Life” and “More Is Less” showcase their ability to captivate listeners with their atmospheric soundscapes. Check ‍out The ⁣Murder Capital’s official website here.

Paragraph 2: The ⁣Murder Capital’s ⁢music delves into themes of mental ⁣health, isolation,‍ and‍ the⁢ struggles of modern life. If you’re looking for a deeper and introspective punk experience, their ⁢music might be worth exploring.


From my research and experience as a fan, these six bands ⁢offer ​a similar high-energy and raw punk sound that fans of Amyl and ​the Sniffers are likely ​to‍ enjoy. Remember, music taste is subjective, so take the time to explore these bands and ‌see ‍which ones​ resonate with ⁢you personally. Happy listening!

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