6 Bands Like Alvvays

6 Bands Like Alvvays


As a fan of‌ Alvvays, I always find⁤ myself craving similar music that captures the same ‌dreamy and infectious indie-pop⁤ sound. If ​you’re a fan looking for some new bands to listen to, I’ve compiled a ‍list of six‌ bands that⁢ share similarities with ‍Alvvays. Personally, for me,​ these⁤ bands embody⁤ the same jangly guitars, ethereal vocals,⁤ and introspective lyrics that make Alvvays so captivating. From my research and experience,​ I believe⁣ these⁤ bands will surely ⁢satisfy your craving for more⁢ Alvvays-like tunes.

Intro Paragraph 2: So, ⁣without further ⁤ado, let’s dive into this list‍ of​ bands that will transport you⁣ to the sonic ⁤world of Alvvays!

Band 1: Beach House

About the Band

Beach House is an American⁣ dream-pop ‌duo consisting of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally. Formed in 2004, the Baltimore-based band ​has gained critical acclaim for their atmospheric soundscapes,⁢ celestial vocals, and dreamy⁣ melodies. Their ⁤discography boasts albums like⁣ “Teen Dream,” “Bloom,”‌ and “Depression Cherry,” each offering a beautiful blend of dream-pop and shoegaze influences.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Similar to‍ Alvvays, ⁢Beach House ⁣incorporates shimmering‌ guitars, hazy synths,⁣ and captivating melodies to create a dreamy sonic landscape. ​Victoria Legrand’s enchanting vocals, reminiscent‍ of Alvvays’ Molly⁤ Rankin, add an ethereal quality ⁢to their music. Notable tracks like “Myth,” “Lazuli,”‍ and ​”Space ⁤Song”⁢ showcase ⁣their ability to create atmospheric ⁤indie-pop masterpieces.

Paragraph 2: If ⁣you enjoy the dreamy and⁣ introspective aspects of ⁢Alvvays’ ⁢music, exploring Beach House’s⁤ discography is a must. You can‍ check out their website here.

Band 2: Real ​Estate

About​ the Band

Real⁢ Estate is an indie-rock band from New Jersey‍ formed in 2009. Known⁢ for ⁣their laid-back and melodic sound, the band consists of members Martin Courtney, Alex Bleeker, Matt Kallman, Julian Lynch, and Jackson Pollis. Their music evokes a ⁣nostalgic and sun-kissed vibe, ⁤making it ‍perfect⁢ for lazy summer days.

Similarity⁢ and Noteworthy Points

Real‍ Estate’s music shares similarities with Alvvays⁤ through their jangly guitars, gentle melodies, and laid-back vocal delivery. Both bands create⁢ a sense ⁢of nostalgia and melancholy through ​their introspective lyrics and dreamy instrumentation. Notable ⁣tracks to check out include “It’s Real,” ‌”Municipality,” and “Talking Backwards.”

Paragraph 2: If you’re a fan of Alvvays’ nostalgic soundscapes, personally‌ for me, Real Estate will surely captivate ⁣you. You can learn more ⁣about Real Estate by visiting ⁤their website⁤ here.

Band 3: Hazel English

About the Band

Hazel English is‌ an indie-pop singer-songwriter ​hailing from Australia. Her music blends ⁣elements of dream-pop, indie-rock, ⁢and surf-pop, resulting in a​ sun-soaked and infectious ⁣sound. With her ethereal vocals ⁣and⁤ introspective lyrics, Hazel English has garnered a ‍growing fan base since her debut in 2015.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Like Alvvays, Hazel English crafts dreamy and⁤ catchy ⁢indie-pop ‌tunes with shimmering guitars and captivating melodies. Her enchanting vocals, reminiscent of Molly Rankin, perfectly complement the hazy⁢ and nostalgic ⁤vibe her music emanates. Tracks such as “Never Going Home,” “That Thing,” and⁤ “More Like You” showcase her ⁤ability ‍to create irresistible and introspective indie-pop gems.

Paragraph 2: In my ⁢opinion,‍ if you’re a fan of Alvvays’ dreamy soundscapes, Hazel English’s music is well worth exploring. You can find out more⁤ about ‍Hazel English on her website here.

Band 4: The Pains of⁣ Being Pure at Heart

About the Band

The Pains of ⁣Being Pure at Heart is an indie-pop band formed in New York City. Their music draws inspiration from 80s and 90s ​indie-pop ⁣and shoegaze, creating a warm and⁤ fuzzy sound characterized⁣ by catchy hooks and jangly guitars. Led by Kip Berman, the band ⁤has released albums like “The Pains of Being Pure at Heart,” “Belong,” and “Days of Abandon.”

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart share similarities with Alvvays through their infectious indie-pop sound, jangly guitars, and charming vocal delivery. Both bands evoke a sense of nostalgia and youthful innocence through their music. Noteworthy tracks⁢ to check ‌out include “Young Adult Friction,” “Belong,” and “Simple ⁢and Sure.”

Paragraph 2: From‍ my experience, if you’re ⁣a fan of Alvvays’ catchy indie-pop tunes, The Pains of‌ Being Pure⁣ at Heart will be⁤ right up your alley.‌ Explore​ more about the band on‍ their website here.

Band 5: Wild Nothing

About the Band

Wild ⁣Nothing⁣ is the musical project ​of Jack Tatum, an indie-pop artist and multi-instrumentalist. Hailing from Virginia,⁤ Tatum’s music draws inspiration ‌from 80s indie-pop and shoegaze, resulting​ in a captivating ⁤and nostalgic sound. With albums like “Gemini,” “Nocturne,” and⁤ “Indigo,” Wild Nothing has become a⁢ prominent ⁢name in the indie music scene.

Similarity and Noteworthy ​Points

Wild Nothing’s music shares similarities with Alvvays through their dreamy and atmospheric ‌indie-pop soundscapes. Jangly guitars, shimmering ⁣synths, and⁣ Tatum’s soft and wistful vocals contribute to the enchanting⁣ aesthetic ⁣of their music. Tracks like “Chinatown,”⁤ “Shadow,” ⁤and “Paradise” showcase their ability to ⁤create irresistible indie-pop gems.

Paragraph ‌2: If you enjoy ‍Alvvays’ dreamy and‌ nostalgic vibes, Wild Nothing’s ‌discography ‍is⁣ a must-explore.⁣ You can find out more about ⁢Wild‌ Nothing on their website here.

Band ‌6: ⁤Frankie ‌Cosmos

About the Band

Frankie Cosmos is ​the musical‍ project of Greta Kline, an indie-pop singer-songwriter from⁢ New York City. Known for⁢ her intimate ⁣and⁣ introspective⁣ songwriting, Kline’s music incorporates elements of lo-fi indie-pop and bedroom⁤ pop. With albums like “Next Thing” and “Close It Quietly,” Frankie Cosmos has gained a dedicated following.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Frankie Cosmos ​shares similarities with⁢ Alvvays through their⁣ introspective lyrics, delicate melodies, and lo-fi production. Both bands capture a sense‌ of vulnerability and intimacy in their music, creating a​ deeply personal listening​ experience. Notable tracks to check out ​include “On the Lips,” “Jesse,” and “Apathy.”

Paragraph​ 2: ‍Personally, for‍ me, ‍if​ you’re a fan of⁤ Alvvays’ introspective and​ vulnerable ‌side, ⁢exploring Frankie Cosmos’ ‌discography will be rewarding. Learn more ​about​ Frankie Cosmos on their website here.


From​ my ⁢research, these⁢ six bands—Beach⁤ House, ‍Real Estate, Hazel ⁣English, The Pains of ‌Being Pure at Heart, Wild Nothing, and ‍Frankie Cosmos—offer music‍ that ‌shares similarities‍ with Alvvays in ⁣terms of dreamy melodies, jangly guitars, and a‌ sense of​ nostalgia. Exploring these artists’ discographies will surely ‌satisfy your craving for more Alvvays-like ‍tunes. So dive in, discover new favorites,‍ and enjoy the captivating world⁤ of indie-pop!

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