6 Bands like AJR

6 Bands like AJR


Personally for me,⁣ discovering‌ new bands that have ‍a ​similar‍ sound to AJR is always exciting. AJR ‍is known for their eclectic mix of genres ​and catchy tunes, making them a favorite among ⁢many music lovers. ⁤If​ you’re a fan ​of AJR and looking ​to explore similar artists, ‌here are six bands that you ​should definitely check out!

Intro Paragraph ⁤2: These bands share similar musical traits with AJR, creating a unique ⁢blend​ of pop, indie, and electronic sounds. Each band brings their ‌own style⁢ and influences, making them worth a listen.

Band 1: COIN

About the Band

COIN is an ⁣American indie pop band formed in Nashville, ‍Tennessee.⁢ They gained popularity with their infectious and energetic songs, characterized by catchy hooks and pulsating ​rhythms. If you‍ enjoy AJR’s⁣ blend of pop⁢ and⁣ electronic ⁣elements, COIN might be right up⁣ your ​alley.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Like AJR, COIN creates music that has ⁤a strong focus on memorable melodies. ⁣They also experiment with electronic elements and incorporate ⁤introspective ​lyrics into⁤ their songs. The band’s ‍website can be found here.

Paragraph 2: COIN’s enthusiasm and infectious energy‌ mirror AJR’s stage presence, making them ​an engaging live act. Their ⁤2017 album “How Will You ⁣Know If ⁤You ​Never Try” features hits like “Talk Too Much” and “Don’t Cry, 2020.” Give COIN a listen if you crave upbeat tunes‍ with meaningful​ lyrics.

Band 2: The ​Mowgli’s

About the⁤ Band

The‌ Mowgli’s is a California-based indie rock band known for their ⁤feel-good anthems ‌and ⁣harmonious vocals. Their music often has a positive and uplifting message, reminiscent of AJR’s optimistic ⁣outlook.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

The Mowgli’s⁢ capture ⁣the same spirit of ​togetherness that AJR conveys ​in their songs. With their emphasis⁣ on⁣ communal love and acceptance, their‍ tracks, such as “San Francisco” and⁤ “I’m Good,” evoke a similar feel. Visit⁤ The Mowgli’s website here.

Paragraph 2: Their catchy⁣ hooks‌ and vibrant instrumentation​ make for an enjoyable listening⁤ experience. If you‍ love the uplifting and cheerful vibe⁢ in AJR’s music, The Mowgli’s will surely brighten your day.

Band 3: Vinyl Theatre

About the Band

Vinyl Theatre is an alternative​ pop-rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They ⁤are⁢ known for their dynamic sound, blending electronic elements ‌with traditional instruments. Their music combines introspective lyrics with vibrant melodies, similar to AJR’s signature style.

Similarity ​and ‌Noteworthy Points

Vinyl Theatre’s fusion of electronic ‌and rock elements resonates with AJR’s eclectic sound. Songs like “Breaking Up My⁣ Bones” ‍and “30 Seconds” showcase their knack for creating catchy hooks ⁣and infectious rhythms.‌ To learn ‌more ​about Vinyl Theatre,⁤ visit their official website here.

Paragraph 2: Both AJR ‍and Vinyl⁣ Theatre have a knack ⁣for crafting anthems that are perfect for belting⁢ out in ​a live setting. If you​ appreciate AJR’s energetic performances ⁤and their ability to seamlessly​ incorporate electronic elements, Vinyl Theatre⁢ might be your new favorite‍ band.

Band 4: Smallpools

About the Band

Smallpools is an indie pop band hailing from Los Angeles, California. ⁣Their music ⁢is⁢ characterized by infectious melodies, upbeat rhythms, and⁣ relatable lyrics. ⁤Their catchy sound is ⁣in sync with​ AJR’s ability to ‍create instantly memorable⁤ tunes.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Smallpools’ music shares the same joyful and catchy qualities as ⁤AJR. Hits like ⁣”Dreaming” and “Million ​Bucks” capture the spirit of carefree indie pop and are sure to make you want to dance along. Visit Smallpools’ ‍website here.

Paragraph 2: If you ⁣enjoy AJR’s ability to⁤ infuse pop sensibilities into their music, Smallpools is a band you should definitely check out. Their feel-good vibes and infectious hooks are perfect for ⁣any ⁢summer playlist.

Band 5: Passion⁣ Pit

About the ‌Band

Passion Pit is an​ American indietronica band formed in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Their music blends electronic and pop elements with introspective lyrics. Their sound is similar to AJR’s ability to⁤ merge electronic influences with catchy hooks.

Similarity ​and Noteworthy Points

Passion⁣ Pit’s combination of infectious‍ melodies, synth-driven production, and introspective lyrics draws parallels to‍ AJR’s‌ unique style. Tracks like “Sleepyhead” and‍ “Take a Walk” have ‍become indie anthems over the years. ​Find out more about Passion Pit on their website here.

Paragraph 2: With their ability to ‍create intricate ⁢pop compositions,⁤ Passion Pit has captured the hearts of ‌many music fans. If you appreciate AJR’s​ experimentation with electronic sounds,​ you’ll likely ⁣enjoy Passion Pit’s ethereal and dreamy musical landscape.

Band 6: Walk the Moon

About the Band

Walk the Moon ‍is an American rock band formed in⁢ Cincinnati, Ohio. They gained significant popularity ⁣with their breakthrough single ⁢”Shut Up and Dance.” ‍Walk the Moon’s music is ‍known‌ for its upbeat and ⁤catchy nature, making them ‌a perfect ‌match for⁢ AJR fans.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Walk the Moon shares ‌AJR’s ability to create anthemic and energetic songs. Their blend⁤ of indie rock, ​dance-pop, and new wave influences ‌has garnered⁤ them a massive following. Visit Walk ⁤the Moon’s website here.

Paragraph 2: If you ‍enjoy AJR’s ‍infectious melodies and catchy choruses,‍ Walk the Moon’s music will⁤ surely resonate‌ with you. Songs like ‌”Anna Sun” and “One⁣ Foot”⁤ will have⁢ you singing along ​in no time.


From ‍my research ⁣and personal experience, these six bands provide a musical experience that​ is similar to AJR’s unique sound. Whether⁢ you’re into indie pop, electronic-infused tunes, or catchy ⁣melodies, these bands are​ worth ⁣exploring.⁢ Personally for me, ‌discovering new artists that‌ share similarities ⁢with my favorite bands is always an exciting journey. So, ‍why not give⁤ these bands a listen and ​expand your music playlist?

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