6 Bands Like Air

6 Bands Like Air


Personally, as a fan of Air and their unique blend of electronic and atmospheric sounds, I understand the ⁢desire to find other similar bands to enjoy. In my opinion, discovering new music that resonates with us is an exciting journey. From my research and experience, I have compiled a list of six bands that share similarities with ⁤Air, both in terms of their sound and overall vibe. So, whether you’re already a fan of Air or looking to explore ⁤similar music, I hope you find these suggestions helpful and discover some fantastic new bands along the way!

Band 1: ​Zero 7

About the Band

Zero ‌7 is a downtempo electronic music duo from the United Kingdom. Formed in 1997, they rose to ‌prominence with their debut album “Simple Things” in 2001. Known ‍for their lush arrangements, dreamy melodies, and soothing vocals, Zero 7 creates a ​similar atmospheric vibe to Air. Their music is perfect for relaxing moments or creating a chill ambiance.

Similarity and ‌Noteworthy Points

Like Air, Zero 7 incorporates electronic elements into their music, blending them harmoniously with⁢ live instrumentation. Their use​ of ethereal vocals and melodic hooks also bears​ resemblance to Air’s style. Notable‍ tracks to check out include “Destiny,” “In the Waiting Line,” and‌ “Home.”

Intro Paragraph 2: If‌ you’re a fan of Air’s atmospheric‍ soundscapes, Zero 7 is likely to captivate you⁢ with their ‍soothing ‌melodies and downtempo beats. Their⁢ website, where ‍you can explore their discography and upcoming events, can be found here.

Band 2: Thievery Corporation

About the Band

Thievery ⁤Corporation is⁤ an American electronic music duo known ⁢for their eclectic fusion of musical genres, including dub, reggae, and trip-hop. Since their ​formation in 1995, they have released numerous albums and collaborated ⁤with various artists. Their music encompasses a similar atmospheric quality to Air, with a distinct global ‍flavor.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Thievery Corporation, like Air, experiments ​with different sounds and influences, resulting in a rich and diverse sonic experience. They skillfully blend electronic elements with live instrumentation and⁢ incorporate various global musical styles, creating an equally⁣ atmospheric and captivating sound. Notable tracks to ‍explore include‍ “Lebanese Blonde,” “The Richest⁣ Man in Babylon,”‍ and “Shadows of​ Ourselves.”

Paragraph 2: Thievery Corporation’s captivating fusion of genres ‍and evocative ‌soundscapes make them a must-listen for Air fans. ‌To learn more⁣ about their music and upcoming shows, you can visit their website here.

Band 3: Boards of Canada

About the Band

Boards of Canada is a ⁤Scottish electronic music duo known ⁢for their nostalgic, ambient soundscapes. Formed in 1986, they gained recognition in the late ’90s and early ⁢2000s. Their music‌ often incorporates⁢ samples from old educational films ⁢and evokes a sense of nostalgia and introspection.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Boards of Canada shares Air’s ability to transport listeners to otherworldly realms through their music. Their atmospheric⁤ soundscapes, rich with warm textures and haunting melodies, create a similar ethereal experience to Air. Noteworthy ⁤tracks to explore include “Roygbiv,” “Dayvan Cowboy,”⁢ and “Everything You Do Is a Balloon.”

Paragraph 2: For Air fans seeking a nostalgic and experimental twist, Boards of Canada ⁤offers a captivating journey ​into the depths of ambient electronic music. To⁤ delve further into⁢ their discography and explore their artistic vision,​ visit their website here.

Band 4: Röyksopp

About the⁢ Band

Röyksopp is a Norwegian electronic music⁤ duo formed‍ in 1998. Known for their catchy melodies and ⁢infectious beats, they have ⁣gained critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase over the years. Röyksopp’s music often combines elements of synth-pop, downtempo, and ambient electronica.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Röyksopp shares Air’s ​talent for crafting infectious electronic melodies that stay with you long after listening. Their ‍dynamic soundscapes, ranging ⁤from mellow ambient tracks to danceable ‍pop-infused tunes, ‌resonate with Air’s ability to create diverse sonic adventures. Notable tracks include “Eple,” “Remind Me,” ‍and⁢ “What ‌Else Is There?”.

Paragraph 2: Fans of Air’s melodic and catchy electronic compositions will likely ⁣find Röyksopp’s music a delightful addition to their playlist. To discover more about Röyksopp’s sound and upcoming releases, you‍ can visit their website here.

Band 5: Morcheeba

About the Band

Morcheeba is⁢ a British‍ trip-hop band formed in 1995. With their blend of electronic beats, soulful vocals, and bluesy undertones, they have created a distinctive sound that resonates with listeners. Morcheeba’s music encompasses a similar downtempo and​ atmospheric vibe as Air.

Similarity and Noteworthy ‌Points

Morcheeba shares Air’s ability to infuse their music with soulful elements, creating a captivating and emotive sonic experience. Their ⁢trip-hop-inspired soundscapes, combined with haunting vocals and heartfelt lyrics, make for a compelling listening journey. Notable tracks⁢ to explore include “The Sea,” “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day,” and “Blindfold.”

Paragraph 2: Fans of Air⁢ seeking a soulful ‌and atmospheric musical landscape should definitely give Morcheeba a ‌listen.⁤ To explore their discography and future projects, you can visit their website here.

Band 6: Lemon Jelly

About the Band

Lemon Jelly was a ⁢British electronic duo active from 1998 until 2008. Their music combines ⁢various genres, including downtempo, ambient, and folktronica, resulting in an ⁢eclectic ⁣and immersive sonic‍ experience. Lemon Jelly’s compositions often blend samples, live​ instruments, and electronic elements.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Lemon Jelly’s ability to create whimsical and nostalgic ⁣soundscapes aligns closely with Air’s atmospheric style. Their music draws⁢ listeners into dreamlike worlds and⁣ resonates with those who appreciate intricately crafted electronic compositions. Noteworthy tracks include “Nice Weather for Ducks,” “Space Walk,” and “The Staunton Lick.”

Paragraph 2: Air fans looking for a blend of nostalgia, folk influences,‌ and electronic elements will find Lemon Jelly’s music a delightful complement. ⁣To delve into their discography ​and explore ‌their imaginative tunes, visit their website here.


In my opinion, if you’re a fan of Air’s unique musical ⁣style, exploring similar bands can be an excellent way ⁣to broaden your musical horizons. From my research and experience, Zero 7, Thievery Corporation, Boards ‍of Canada, Röyksopp, Morcheeba, and Lemon Jelly are six bands that share similarities with Air in terms of their atmospheric sound and ‍overall vibe. ‌Each band brings its own distinct flavor to the electronic music landscape, providing⁤ a diverse selection for listeners​ to enjoy. Personally, ​I believe that taking the time to check out these bands and their discographies will lead to⁤ the discovery of exceptional music reminiscent ‍of Air’s captivating soundscapes. So ⁢go ahead, give them a ‌listen, and⁢ embark on a musical journey filled with mesmerizing melodies and atmospheric bliss!

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