6 Bands Like 3OH3

6 Bands Like 3OH3


Personally‌ for ⁢me, ​3OH!3 is a dynamic and energetic band known for their catchy pop-electronic sound. If you’re a fan⁣ of their music and are looking for similar bands to add to your ⁢playlist, you’re‌ in luck! In my opinion, expanding your music taste is always a great idea, and⁤ finding bands that share similarities with your favorites can ‌introduce you ⁣to new artists and genres. ⁢Through my ⁤research and experience, I’ve come across six bands that I believe capture the essence ⁢of​ 3OH!3’s style ‍while offering their own unique flair. So,‌ let’s dive in and discover some amazing bands that you might enjoy!

Intro Paragraph 2: Before we begin, if you’re not already familiar with 3OH!3, I highly recommend checking out their website. Their energetic performances and infectious‍ beats will⁣ surely leave you wanting more!

Band 1: 3Teeth

About the Band

3Teeth is an industrial metal ‌band hailing from Los Angeles, California. Known for their heavy sound and intense live performances, they‌ have garnered a dedicated fan base over ⁣the years. Formed in​ 2013, the band effortlessly blends aggressive industrial elements ⁤with electronic influences, creating a unique⁣ sonic experience.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

What sets 3Teeth apart is their⁢ ability to merge electronic beats and gritty metal sounds. Much like 3OH!3, they ‌embrace elements⁣ of⁢ electronic music ⁢while infusing it with their own dark and edgy style. Their powerful vocals and hard-hitting rhythms are sure to⁤ resonate with fans of 3OH!3.

Paragraph 2: ⁢ To explore​ more of 3Teeth’s music‌ and learn about their upcoming shows, you can‍ visit their website.

Band 2: Breathe Carolina

About the Band

Breathe Carolina is ​an American electro-pop duo from Denver, Colorado. Combining catchy ⁣melodies, electronic hooks, and emotionally-driven lyrics, the band has captivated audiences with their infectious sound since their formation in 2007. Breathe Carolina’s music seamlessly blends elements of pop, electronic, and alternative genres.

Similarity and ⁣Noteworthy Points

Similar to 3OH!3, Breathe Carolina infuses their songs with electronic elements that ⁢complement their‍ pop-oriented⁢ sound. Their energetic beats and anthemic ⁣choruses create a vibrant and exhilarating listening experience. Fans of 3OH!3 will likely appreciate Breathe Carolina’s​ ability to craft catchy⁤ pop songs with an electronic twist.

Paragraph 2: To explore more ​of Breathe Carolina’s music and keep up‍ with their latest releases, you can visit their website.

Band 3: Cobra Starship

About the Band

Cobra Starship was an American pop-rock band‌ formed in 2003 and fronted‍ by the charismatic Gabe Saporta. Their infectious blend of pop, rock, ‌and electronic‍ elements⁣ propelled them⁣ to mainstream success. With hits like “Good Girls Go Bad” and “You Make Me Feel…,” Cobra Starship captured audiences with their⁤ catchy ‍hooks and dynamic ⁣performances.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Sharing a similar pop-infused sound, Cobra Starship stands out with their energetic and catchy songs.‌ Their incorporation of electronic⁣ synths and explosive choruses aligns closely‍ with 3OH!3’s style. Fans⁣ of 3OH!3 looking for energetic, danceable ⁤tracks ⁤with infectious melodies will appreciate the music of Cobra Starship.

Paragraph 2: If ⁢you want to dive deeper into Cobra Starship’s discography ⁢and reminisce⁢ on their hit songs, you can visit their website.

Band 4:⁣ Cash Cash

About the Band

Cash Cash is an American electronic music​ group ⁣that has been active since 2008. Comprising three members, they have released numerous ⁣dance-pop tracks infused with electronic elements. With chart-topping hits ‌like “Take Me Home” and ​collaborations with notable artists,⁢ Cash Cash has established themselves as a prominent force in the electronic‌ music scene.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Known for their ⁤high-energy performances and infectious hooks, Cash Cash shares a similarity to​ 3OH!3 in their ability to create vibrant and catchy electronic-pop songs. Their use of electronic​ production techniques alongside memorable melodies will resonate with fans of 3OH!3, offering an opportunity​ to explore‌ a similar genre with⁤ a new ‍group.

Paragraph 2: To stay updated with Cash Cash’s latest releases and upcoming ⁢tour dates, you can visit their website.

Band 5: ‍Hyper Crush

About the ⁣Band

Hyper Crush​ is an American ⁣electronic group from Los Angeles, California. Known for their energetic and retro-inspired sound, the band combines electronic and hip-hop elements ‍to ‍create a unique musical experience. Their music is⁣ characterized by catchy hooks, clever ‍lyrics, and an infectious enthusiasm that keeps listeners engaged.

Similarity ‌and Noteworthy Points

With their fusion of electronic beats,​ hip-hop influences, and catchy pop⁢ hooks, Hyper Crush offers a sound similar‌ to 3OH!3. Both bands share an ability ‌to create​ infectious ⁢and​ high-energy tracks that are perfect for dance parties or simply lifting your spirits. Hyper Crush’s playful and confident approach to their music will resonate with fans‍ of ‍3OH!3.

Paragraph 2: ⁣To explore more of Hyper Crush’s⁢ music and discover their unique style, you can​ visit their website.

Band 6: The Ready Set

About the Band

The Ready Set is⁤ the solo project of American musician Jordan Witzigreuter. With his infectious ⁢blend of ​pop, electronic, and alternative sounds,⁢ The Ready ​Set has gained popularity and critical acclaim. Known for his catchy melodies ⁣and relatable lyrics, Jordan Witzigreuter’s music strikes a chord‌ with listeners.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Similar to 3OH!3, ⁢The Ready Set combines electronic elements and pop sensibilities to craft upbeat and addictive tracks. Jordan Witzigreuter’s ability to create‍ infectious hooks and anthemic choruses aligns closely with 3OH!3’s knack for compelling ‌and energetic songwriting. Fans of 3OH!3 will discover a musical experience⁤ that resonates with them when they listen to The Ready Set.

Paragraph 2: To dive deeper into The Ready ⁢Set’s‍ music and explore Jordan Witzigreuter’s discography, you can visit his website.


From ​my research⁣ and experience, these six bands – 3Teeth,‌ Breathe Carolina, Cobra Starship, Cash Cash, Hyper Crush,⁢ and The Ready Set – offer a⁢ similar vibe to that ⁣of 3OH!3 while bringing their own unique styles to the table. Whether​ you’re drawn to energetic pop ​beats, electronic-infused anthems, or a⁣ mix of genres, these bands​ are worth checking out. Personally for ⁢me, finding⁤ artists that share similarities with your favorite bands can open up a whole new world of music‍ discovery. So, go⁣ ahead, explore their music, and let yourself ⁢be captivated by their catchy tunes and undeniable energy!

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