6 80s Bands Like Depeche Mode

6 80s Bands Like Depeche Mode


When it comes to iconic 80s bands, Depeche Mode is often at the ‌top of the​ list. Personally for‍ me, ⁣their electronic⁢ sound mixed⁤ with deep lyrics and unique vocals have always drawn me in.‍ If you’re ‌a fan‌ of Depeche Mode like I am, you might also enjoy these ​6 bands that share similar ​qualities and influences.

Band 1: New Order

About the⁤ Band

New Order is a British‌ band formed⁤ in 1980,​ known for their fusion of post-punk and electronic music.‌ Their⁤ hit song “Blue ⁢Monday” is ⁢a classic example of their signature sound.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

New Order, like ⁣Depeche Mode, incorporates synthesizers‌ and catchy melodies into their music. Both bands ‌also ⁤have a dark, atmospheric quality to their songs that sets them apart⁢ from other ⁢80s⁣ bands.

Paragraph 2: ⁣If ⁤you enjoy Depeche Mode’s ‌introspective lyrics and danceable beats, New Order ‍is definitely a band worth ⁣exploring.

Band 2: The Cure

About the ⁤Band

The Cure is an English band formed⁤ in ⁣1978, known for⁤ their gothic rock sound⁤ and emotional songwriting.⁢ Hits ⁣like “Just Like Heaven” and “Lovesong” have solidified their place in music history.

Similarity and ⁤Noteworthy ⁣Points

Similar ‍to Depeche Mode, The Cure combines deep, introspective lyrics with a mix‍ of dark and danceable melodies.⁣ Both⁢ bands have a unique sound that has captivated ‌fans for decades.

Paragraph 2: If you appreciate the emotional depth of⁣ Depeche Mode’s music, The Cure’s discography will surely ⁢resonate with you.

Band 3: Yazoo (Yaz)

About the Band

Yazoo, also known⁣ as Yaz⁢ in the US, was a British synth-pop duo⁤ formed⁤ in 1981. Comprised of Vince Clarke and Alison​ Moyet, they are best known for songs⁣ like “Don’t Go” and “Only You.”

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Yazoo’s‍ synth-driven sound and emotional vocals share similarities with Depeche Mode’s style. The combination ⁣of Vince Clarke’s electronic production and Alison Moyet’s⁢ powerful ‌voice creates a ⁤compelling musical experience.

Paragraph 2: If you enjoy Depeche Mode’s early synth-pop roots, ⁣exploring ⁢Yazoo’s music is a natural next step.

Band 4: Pet Shop Boys

About the⁤ Band

Pet Shop Boys are ‌an English synth-pop ‌duo formed in 1981. With hits⁢ like “West End Girls” and​ “It’s a ​Sin,” they ⁤became ​one of​ the most successful duos‌ in music history.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Like⁢ Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys blend​ electronic ⁣music with thought-provoking lyrics and catchy ‌hooks. ⁤Their theatrical performances and innovative music videos also set them ‍apart in the 80s music scene.

Paragraph 2: If you appreciate Depeche Mode’s ability to blend pop sensibilities with ⁢deeper ‌themes, Pet Shop Boys’ discography is a must-listen.

Band 5: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD)

About the Band

OMD is a British ​electronic band formed ⁤in 1978. Known for hits ‍like “Enola Gay” and ⁤”If ​You Leave,” they have a‍ distinctive ⁢sound that combines⁢ synth-pop with experimental elements.

Similarity and ‍Noteworthy Points

OMD shares a love for synthesizers and electronic experimentation with Depeche Mode. Both bands have a knack for crafting‍ catchy melodies that stay ‍with you long after the‌ song ​ends.

Paragraph 2: If ‌you enjoy Depeche ‌Mode’s blend of electronic sounds⁣ and meaningful lyrics, OMD’s music will ⁣resonate with you on a ‍similar level.

Band 6: Tears for ‍Fears

About the Band

Tears for Fears ‌is an English band ⁣formed in 1981, known for their emotional lyrics and innovative sound. Hits like‌ “Everybody Wants to ⁤Rule the World” ‌and⁤ “Shout” have⁢ become timeless classics.

Similarity and Noteworthy Points

Tears for Fears, like Depeche Mode, delves into deep emotional themes with their music. Their use of synthesizers and ⁢powerful vocals creates a rich‍ tapestry of sound that draws listeners in.

Paragraph 2: If you appreciate Depeche Mode’s ⁣introspective lyrics and emotional depth, Tears⁣ for ‍Fears’ discography is a perfect complement to your ‌music collection.


From my research, these 6 bands like Depeche Mode offer a‌ similar blend of electronic music,‍ introspective lyrics, and memorable melodies ⁤that have stood the⁢ test of time. ​Exploring their ‍discographies can⁤ provide a deeper understanding of the 80s music‌ scene and the impact‌ these bands have had on music ‍history.

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